YOURLS # matchurl

YOURLS # matchurl


YOURLS is a free and lightweight URL shortener you can install on your site via PHP scripts and/or plugins. You can use it to create simple, custom-branded short links. You can even set things up in such a way that allows outside parties to use your link shortener (very easy).

YOURLS is open source software. This means that the code of YOURLS is free for anyone to inspect, modify, or enhance. It also means that YOURLS is freely distributed under the terms of its license: GPL v2 (read more here:

YOURLS shortens long URLs automatically; simply paste any URL into the form field and YOURLS will generate a shorter URL that redirects to the original URL. You can even create short URLs without having to press the submit button!

YOURLS also allows you to manage your short URLs through an easy-to-use web interface, so you can delete stale or unused URLs, monitor statistics about their usage (most clicked/least clicked), etc.

There are three ways to install YOURLS on your server: 1) via an auto installer script 2) manually 3) by integrating with Wordpress

1 - Auto Installer Script

The easiest way to get started with YOURLS is using our auto installer. This installation method enables YOU to run YOURLS in just a few clicks, without having to download anything or having any prior experience with web site/script installations. It also makes upgrades painless, as the installer will take care of everything for you.

The installation wizard is currently available for WordPress, SMF, Drupal and phpBB.

2 - Manual Installation

To manually install YOURLS on your server, simply follow these steps: 1) Download the latest version of YOURLS from this link 2) Unpack the archive in your document root directory 3) Point your browser to 4) Follow installation steps & enter Admin username & password 5) Done! Your new short URL service should now be fully operational

3 - Installing via Wordpress

This is probably the fastest way to install YOURLS on your website. The Wordpress plugin allows you to instantly add a YOURLS icon/link in your Wordpress's post and page editors (widget). To use this plugin, simply install it via the "Plugins -> Add New" menu of your WP admin panel; search for "YOURLS", install & activate.

4 - Installing via SMF

Using our SMF Plugin , YOU can get started with using YOURLS in just a few clicks, without having to download anything or having any prior experience with web site/script installations. It also makes upgrades painless, as the installer will take care of everything for you.

To integrate this plugin into your forum, download the plugin , unpack it, upload it to your forum's directory (direct URL) and activate it via the administration panel.

5 - Installing manually for other CMS

If you are using another kind of PHP-based website, simply place index.php in your document root directory, rename into and edit this first file to adapt YOURLS settings to your needs before renaming it back into  (proper server configuration required). That's all!

To upgrade YOURLS on your website just overwrite files with latest version of course ;)

7 - Support

You can get support from the author here . Alternatively have a look at the YOURLS forums here .

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FreeBSD is a free and open source Unix-like operating system descended from AT&T UNIX via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Although for legal reasons FreeBSD cannot be called "UNIX," it is close enough to the original BSD source code, and far enough removed from AT&T's propriety version of UNIX, that its users have been able to assemble a fairly comprehensive UNIX subsystem that runs on top of their kernel. In fact, by adding a binary compatibility layer based on the L4 microkernel family, one can even run classic, proprietary 32-bit UNIX applications like the popular Macromedia Flash plugin, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Sun Java. FreeBSD also offers compatibility with Linux programs through its Linux emulation layer. The project is supported by a large development team along with the help of volunteers located around the world. Since its founding in 1993, it has become one of the most advanced operating systems available.

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Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla! the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Jla! is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.

A comprehensive guide to installing Joomla on your FreeBSD system.

The following steps should be performed as root. If you are not, prepend sudo to the command or login as root ( su - ).

eded to create a new server for my web applications I would follow the usual routine: setup up a plain vanilla Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 box and then manually install all required components such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc... by hand via their native package managers. Then comes the long tail of tedious tasks where I have to find out which version of this or that package is required by my application so that it can run successfully on the particular distribution. Well, not anymore! With the assistance of an amazing new tool called Landscape provided as a SaaS hosted by Canonical, all those tasks become trivial.

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100% Open Source and so easy to install, even a child can do it! Why is this better than the other blog software out there? There are many benefits. The first one being that it's completely free of charge ;-) Ever had issues with some blogging softwares where you have to pay before using them or their features? This is NOT that kind of blog system! Second benefit is flexibility . Unlike some other blogging softwares , WordPress was written for everyone - from novice to professional web developers - to make it as easy as possible to install and use.

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