Which URL shorteners are banned by Facebook? #matchurl.com

Which URL shorteners are banned by Facebook? #matchurl.com


Facebook has updated its policies on link shorteners use.  Specifically, the social network no longer allows developers to create new apps that use bitly or any of its competitors. Facebook is just one of several platforms that have updated their spam policies recently. Twitter announced a similar policy change in 2014, saying that it had updated its Developer Agreement .

"Before you build or grow your business using our services, please be sure to read these updates."

The news comes as link-shortening site Bitly is experiencing widespread outage issues with its sites; many people are reporting they can't reach the site at all. When asked for comment about the situation, Bitly said it was aware of user reports and is looking into what's happening now. It later said that it had resolved the issue and its systems were back to normal.

As far as Facebook is concerned, this all comes just a month after the social network updated its requirements for third-party ad clients . In short, developers can no longer use url shorteners in their apps if they have been used to create fake likes or leads. The requirement has been adopted from Twitter's rules , which state that "you must not use shortened URLs in advertisements"

Facebook's update also affects other tools such as analytics providers and advertising products. It includes a clause saying "if you are using Facebook Login with your app for other business purposes beyond authentication – e.g., sharing content with friends – you must link to an https:// version of the app, and it should not include a Facebook tracking pixel." This rule is a requirement only if the app has used to create a lead or a like.

"Using Facebook Login for your app other than social login – e.g., signing up users with Facebook – requires that you have an https:// website associated with it, and does not require connection to Facebook Audience Network."

As mentioned earlier, this update follows Twitter's own rules on shortened URLs from 2014. It also comes months after Bitly found itself involved in a censorship row , as its link shortener was apparently being blocked by Chinese officials. Just last week , ProPublica reported that Facebook had been allowing advertisers to target people interested in topics such as "Jew hater." The practice was allowed under Facebook's ad targeting policies, even if the social network's code of conduct forbids "hate speech".

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Chinese authorities block Bitly, other url shorteners for third parties due to censorship concerns.  (July 2015)

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