Which URL shortener is banned by Facebook?

Which URL shortener is banned by Facebook?


A new choice of weapon in the war against free media is being fought on Facebook. The social networking company announced yesterday that it would begin filtering non-ad content from its network to reduce bandwidth costs.


The news was first reported by worldnewsdailyreport.com, who stated that the site - along with all other 'fake' news sites - would be banned for three days after posting an article deemed offensive by Facebook's censorship bots. Despite this claim being clearly false, many users have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at the "new form of censorship".


At one point during today's US stock market trading session, more than 400 million shares were traded as a result of this fake story and its subsequent misinformation campaign: suggesting that a number of users have a very strong belief in this 'news'.


One particular sentence from the article has caught the attention of Facebook researchers however, because it is actually true: "From now on, all links to worldnewsdailyreport.com will be redirected to facebook.com for three days so Facebook can filter all links posted on their website."


Which URL shortener is banned by Facebook?


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A- Ow.ly (by Hootsuite)

B - Tinyurl.com

C - Bit.ly (by Twitter)

D - Snipurl.com

E - AddURL.com

F - Tb.cc (by Twitter)

G - Ow.ly (by HubSpot)

H- DontB1ueMeJustYet(.)com

I- I-AmUNTRUE(.)com


this post I will point out a little problem with Facebook pages and their URL shortener.

When you choose a custom link for your page, you can use a special URL shortener from Facebook which is basically just the first letter of the word FACEBOOK placed before "o" in www.facebook.com. For example – if you set your link as http://www.facebook.com/fB then it redirects to facebook's official home page (http://www.facebook.com). This doesn't seem to be working anymore! What's going on? Unfortunately it looks like Facebook decided to play dirty by removing this option from selected users or pages…

I have myself noticed that some other pages were not able to utilize this feature. But I didn't pay much attention to it since I always use my own link shortener for the posts to avoid spam comments with random shortened links.

Well, at least that's what I thought..! Just a few hours ago I started receiving "Page Not Found" messages on some of my friends' profiles when they tried to share one of my posts. So, I immediately checked if another post of mine would have this issue too… And yes it did! I also tested all other features on Facebook after noticing this problem and found out that almost ALL third party URL shorteners are not working anymore . Actually even www.tinyurl.com stopped working which is the most popular URL shortener in realtime according to Alexa ranking (see the screenshot below).

Another issue with Facebook is that they recently banned a popular URL shortener  (bit.ly) from their system which caused major stir on Twitter  (some users even made a petition against Facebook). It looks like bit.ly isn't allowed anymore to use any Facebook services including sharing through plain-text links! This means that all the messages you are sending to your friends via chat or comments are now showing long, ugly and hard-to-read links instead of nice tiny ones without unnecessary parameters.

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