Which is the best URL shortener to use on social media posts? #matchurl.com

Which is the best URL shortener to use on social media posts? #matchurl.com


The truth is that the best URL shortener to use on social media posts largely depends on your business needs.

What you are trying to achieve with your shortened links? This should be the first question to ask yourself before determining which service provider is the right fit for your company.

To help you decide, consider these benefits of using Bitly over other shorteners: - Analytics tool provides insights into how your content performs - Branded short URLs that look professional and trustworthy - The ability to measure campaign effectiveness with their click, open & link tracking features - Free plan options including custom branded metrics dashboard - Customizable templates available (requires paid plans)  - Extensive API capabilities (for developers) Reply Delete

I like bitly but I would think google would be better Reply Delete

Google is the most popular search engine. We all know that Google's job is to organize information, not give it away for free. So if you are looking for a good shortener with promo capabilities against low-costs, it should be Bitly. I prefer using Rebrandly since is more intuitive and easy to decide what is my dashboard will look like without opening too many accounts with different service providers. If you are looking for a regular URL shortener, go with Bitly or Yandex. They have regular service offerings without limiting your business possibilities Reply Delete

Thanks for sharing this post here about which URL shortener to use on social media posts! Do you come up with articles yourself? Reply Delete

I'm working in an SEO company, I know that there are many good URL shorteners at the markets but what about the features? Reply Delete

Bitly not only shorten your link but also provide tracking mechanism to you. This is very helpful for webmaster like me who need to keep their eye on all of my links. And yes, if your priority is on statistics, this is may be a great choice Reply Delete

Free traffic from google...faster growth of business...success of any business... Increase ROI on marketing campaigns by using Bit.ly shortener....more conversions with affiliate marketing etc.. Reply Delete

Bitly provides high-end analytic tool which help us to track our campaign's data and it's very helpful for me as a marketer to helps us to optimize our campaign. Reply Delete

Bitly is the best shortener service that I know of and has been using it for years now. It helps improve the engagement rate of your social media posts, offer you extensive analytics and gives you custom branded metrics dashboard. Reply Delete

It's not easy to choose between all those good tools, but I recommend bitly because it will track everything or user clicks on links and you can measure performance to find out what content performs well and what doesn't work so well Reply Delete

You have shared very informative article about which URL shortener to use on social media posts! Reply Delete

Really appreciate such a nice blog post sharing with us about this topic. I already read all the things mentioned in this article. I just want to say thanks for sharing with us about this topic. It was really informative and helpful for me! Reply Delete

I'm using bitly at the moment, it's very simple and easy way to shorturl your links, but I can't see how does look like link after shorturl process :D Reply Delete

Bitly is an amazing URL Shortening company that provides you with much better insights regarding your marketing campaign than any other service provider.

A well written article which has defined clearly about choosing best url shortener . Thanks for writing such a good article. Reply Delete

The most important and inconceivable feature of using bitly is that you can track how many times your link has been clicked and for what purposes. I am a blogger and my priority is to grab maximum traffic on my posts, bitly helps me a lot! Reply Delete

I agree with this post, we choose our URL shortener based on the features they offer such as analytics which measure campaign effectiveness by tracking their click, open & link tracking features. That's why we chose bitly over other services but there are so many options available out there Reply Delete

Bitly is one of the best url shorteners i have ever used and i will definitely use it always in future as well because it provides us with very good tracking option which helps us to take necessary action on time. Reply Delete

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