Where & how can you shorten URLs?

Where & how can you shorten URLs?


As URL shorteners are very common on various social networks or websites, people may not be sure where to find some. These tools allow you to shorten the links so they don't take up much space.

For example, Twitter doesn't allow users to post long URLs more than 140 characters. There are also issues with clickbait titles using up characters. By shortening links via a third-party service, it will ensure that your readers see your message before being taken somewhere else.

You can shorten links on most of the popular networks and some big sites allowing you to share longer links while taking up less space in favor of style rather than character count limitations. The tools used for this come from all different kinds of sources whether it is browser extensions, bookmarklets, or web services.

Here are some of the best places where you can shorten links to save space for your blog posts or tweets:

For Twitter, there is goo.gl which not only shortens URLs but lets you track how many people clicked on them through Google Analytics. There is also Bitly which works in a similar fashion as well as Trimit which adds hashtags at the end of the URL so that users can filter their search by those hashtags.

If you are using Facebook Messenger, there is an app called JustPaste This to let you quickly send links with shortened URLs through Facebook chat. For Instagram, InstaUrl does the same thing while also providing analytics on how many likes and comments were made.

For Google Chrome, there is a bookmarklet called Goo.gl URL Shortener by Google which can make those long URLs into shorter ones through the use of their own tracking system. There is also an extension called Linkshrinker which removes all your links from being no-followed making it harder to gain link authority as well as providing data on how many clicks you are receiving from each link.

As for Firefox, there's Bitly URL Shortener and TinyURL through an extension or bookmarklet respectively to shorten links using the tools provided by those respective companies.

If you want to use a web service instead of a browser tool, there is Tiny! Url and Clipboard which saves links and lets you share them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you use Pocket or Instapaper to save articles that you want to share later, there is a bookmarklet called Read Later which helps with shortening the link so it doesn't take up much space when sharing them in your social networks.

For Reddit users, there is an app called Reddit Check URL Shortener which checks whether a shortened link leads to a working website before submitting it into any subreddits.

If you are on Wordpress or Tumblr then their respective bookmarklets will allow you to shorten links automatically from other websites while also providing data on how many clicks were received from each one including referral information such as where they came from. For WordPress sites mainly used by bloggers, SEO Smart Links optimizes long URLs making it easier for search engines to read your links.

There are also a ton of different apps and browser extensions available for generating shortened URLs. Some of these can be used on various networks such as Buffer which lets you shorten any URL in order to add them into posts that you want to share on Twitter or Facebook while adding an image, title, and description before sending it out there.


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