When Adding Links to Your Twitter Bio #matchurl

When Adding Links to Your Twitter Bio #matchurl


When adding links to your Twitter bio, should you add a branded link, a personal site link or no link at all?


In this article I will explore the reasons people add links to their Twitter bios and give examples of how 3 different marketers have used personalized branding or highlighted #SEO in their bio. [ADD LINK HERE] [ARTICLE ENDS]

What do you think? Is it worth it to add a website URL to a bio on Twitter? Do you use them on other social media platforms? Will they increase the trust users have for your brand while simultaneously increasing traffic to your site? Leave us a comment below!  If you enjoyed this article, please let us know by clicking one of the share buttons below.

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Author: Hayden Richards (Twitter)

Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: By using a custom link, with real words, you further increase link trust and clicks. Isn't that what you're after? Follow Hayden Richards' example:

Title: When Adding Links to Your Twitter Bio 

When adding links to your Twitter bio, should you add a branded link, a personal site link or no link at all? In this article I will explore the reasons people add links to their Twitter bios and give examples of how 3 different marketers have used personalized branding or highlighted #SEO in their bio.  In terms of branding your website or personal page, there are two main advantages to doing this. It is a good way to add trust and credibility to your Twitter profile if you have an established site or prior reputation. It could also increase the clicks on your bio link since it will look more inviting that just a standard URL if done correctly.

I usually recommend using branded links from websites like Twitter and Facebook due to their high rate of success and having enough characters for keywords (i.e., hashtags like #SEO). However, I would not suggest adding your general blog URL because it doesn't provide much value beyond ranking for search engines which we all know is not the goal in social media marketing.

Although most people use these links in their bios for branding purposes, I'm sure you've seen people use the URL shortener like bit.ly to track clicks or measure analytics. I would suggest using either branded links or generic ones (defunct) since bit.ly doesn't provide any link trust and is easily mistaken for spam due to its high volume of use by spammers.

Some other reasons people add links to their Twitter profiles are:

- For link building purposes as a way of attracting new visitors from social media websites.

- To show sites they have written about on their blog so users can quickly read the full article without leaving Twitter. You may want to consider adding some kind of reference or attribution line after your main bio link so that those following know where it came from if you're not doing a branded link.

- For branding purposes and to help create an identity, personal or professional. It might also be a good idea to include your job title if you're well known for it and could give users another way of connecting with you on Twitter besides by following you (i.e., Find me @HaydenSEO). You can use up to 160 characters in your bio so there is certainly enough room for several lines of details about yourself such as: - Why I love #SEO... life's simple pleasures  - Loves dogs, hates cats, considers himself to be half black lab and half golden retriever http://www.HaydenRants.com/about - President and Founder of SearchGuru Internet Marketing http://www.searchguruim.com/

- SEO Marketer at xxxx who specializes in link building, search engine optimization, content creation and social media marketing. http://xxxx.xyz/aboutme.html - Have to mention that I'm the founder of this site at some point #justsaying http://SeoToolsGuru.com

The other thing you could do is switch up your personal branding every so often by using a different approach or adding more keywords into your bio line if it's too short for what you had before. If you want to be bold, instead of naming yourself on Twitter, you could refer to yourself as an industry expert by highlighting your expertise with hashtags like the ones below:

- #SEO & Digital Marketing Guru - #Marketing & Business Development Consultant - Social Media Expert (for whatever your area of expertise is)

- Convert site visitors into loyal customers with xxxx. http://xxxx.xyz/msg/aboutme.html

- @HaydenRants founder, SEO expert and blogger on internet marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing

- A "Guru" at SearchGuru Internet Marketing who loves #SEO, #SocialMedia, #Tattoos and good food! http://www.Searchguruim.com

Now that you've got some ideas on how to use personal branding in your Twitter bio let's take a look at the examples below that show different types of branding within a Twitter bio:

- I help small businesses get more visibility online with SEO, social media and pay-per-click advertising http://xxxx.xyz/msg/aboutme.html - Whole life #SEO junkie. Passionate about search marketing Google trends verticals & research! Love #SMX #LocalOnline #SEJSummit #PPCChat - New dad, art director & SEO fanatic who enjoys working on B2B websites in the office http://www.xxxyy.info/aboutme - Creative marketer focused on driving sales via social, content & influencer marketing SaaS solutions focused on the financial services vertical https://linktrackr.com/?id=username

- Search marketing associate at xxxx, I'm more than just a pretty face. #SEO #MozCon

- Chief Social Strategist for xxxx; love finding new ways to use social media to help businesses grow http://www.xxxxx.xyz/aboutme

Note: Hayden Richards is the founder of LinkTrackr (a free link monitoring tool) and the leader on LinkResearchTools (the world's most powerful suite of SEO tools). He also runs HaydenRants.com , an online marketing blog that helps small businesses increase their visibility online, and SeoToolsGuru . He has been featured on some of the top industry blogs including Moz , ChannelProNetwork , LocalSEOGuide , GetListed and WebmasterWorld .

- Social Media Marketer & #SEO Specialist with a focus on outreach, content marketing and crisis management.

Title: How to Add Links to Your Twitter Bio


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