What makes a great URL shortener #matchurl

What makes a great URL shortener #matchurl


Nowadays, url shorteners are becoming more and more popular on different social media platforms. It would be an understatement to say that url shorteners like bitly or goo.gl are used nearly everywhere these days. However, it is still important that url shorteners are of high quality in order to get the best results for marketers worldwide. So what makes a url shortener great? 

There are two main factors for this: There has to be a large amount of traffic on your shortened url so you can gather valuable insights from the data your url shortener provides you with an easy way of using analytics

Now let's have a look at both factors one by one, starting with the possibility to use-shorteners for marketing purposes. Suppose you want to inform your followers about something on twitter, but for some reason the url is too long. Using a url shortener like bitly or goo.gl solves that problem in less then two seconds and also allows you to track how many people click on the url via analytics tools from those url shorteners.

Next up we have an easy way of using analytics . In order to use analytics it is necessary that all shortened urls are registered with a data source which will contain information about who clicked what url and when someone clicks a specific url. There are different ways for implementing this:

1) You can use an autogenerated link from your website/blog every time someone clicks a url on social media platforms like twitter. In this case the url shortener would be only used for visiting a specific url and you wouldn't need to register it with an analytics tool. However, there is one problem with this approach: If your link doesn't have many clicks per day on social media platforms, then using bitly or goo.gl might still help you gather a lot of valuable insights about a specific url.

2) The second option would be to store all information directly in your database connected to a url shortening service like bitly or goo.gl . That way every time someone visits a certain url via your domain, it will request the data from the url shortener (for example their ip address or whois data such as name and email if it is an autogenerated url) and store this information in your database.

That way, having a url shortener which has good url analytics tools is crucial for every marketer who wants to use the data they have gathered to become more efficient with his/her marketing activities. And lastly let us have a look at some url shorteners which are used by marketers worldwide:  bitly , goo.gl  and saf.li

If you want to test if your url works, just paste it into any of those url shorteners to see the statistics about how many clicks you got! If you want to know more about url shorteners check out our blog post where we explain what are url shorteners , give you some url shortener examples and url tracker tools .

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for more blog posts like this one :) Cheers, The Press Master.

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Title: What makes a great URL shortener? URL: https://www.artfreebies.com/what-makes-a-great-url-shortener/ Keywords to include: url shortener, url shortenening, bitly, goo.gl, saf.li, url tracker tools .When it comes to creating a great link for your product or service you need to take into consideration that the url shorteners you choose can either make your link more efficient or completely destroy it. The url shortener service you use decides whether anyone will notice the url on social media platforms and what they do after clicking a url which leads us to the following question: What makes a great url shortener? When we started this blog post, we wanted to find all the answers for this problem so we searched for different articles about url shorteners and how they work, but most of those articles were just trying to explain that url shortening is used as a method of masking long urls . In order to explain our own opinion about url shortening services we have summarised some background information from those articles. Then I tried

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