What is make z100 special than other sites for URL shortener ?

What is make z100 special than other sites for URL shortener ?


To access from mobile device or from different parts of the world, it is really helpful to have your own website for your services and links. That way you can attract more people and increase your business revenue since they will be able to easily find the best service providers and tools that you already know.

However, there is a technology site called z100  where we can shorten the link using their service. There are still many other sites like this including , bit.ly, goo.gl, etc., but what makes z100 special than other sites for URL shortener ?

There is no doubt that most people will search for something popular such as those mentioned above when trying to shorten link on their websites because these popular sites tend to be more trustworthy and have fewer problems when compared with other sites.

In addition, they provide a very useful function where we can see the report of how many people use their service  and also the location in which it is accessed most. This is a very important factor for generating revenue in the future because it helps to know in which country or region our services are mostly used, so we can plan ahead on what type of content must be created to meet the needs of users in these regions.

It also provides a customizable link according to your preferences such as providing your name, address email address or phone number so you will get more business opportunities once you start using their service.

As mentioned above, since z100 has not been around as long as other sites, they provide a number of advantages when compared with similar sites. One point is that they have an easy to use interface

that is very suitable for any user whether you are new to using such services or you already know what it does.

For those who need the service but do not want to create account, z100 also provides this service so we can link shortener without creating account . This makes it easier for users so they do not need to create additional accounts and will not be too confused as well.

In addition, there is also a function where we can see how many people click on the link we shortened and the location where these clicks come from. This gives us more information about our business and can also see if there are any clicks coming from outside our country or region, so we can plan ahead on what type of content to create.

Another point is that z100 provides API service  where we can link the API with another website hosted by us or use it as a standalone. This will help generate more revenue because  we can start linking the services provided by others just like adsense, etc., which helps bring more business opportunities for those who need it.

The main advantage I found in using this service than other similar sites is that they provide higher security and better performance when compared with other similar sites which makes them become my first choice whenever I want to shorten my link. For those who want to access from different parts of the world, this will definitely help because it does not load very slowly when accessed from other countries which are sometimes the case with similar sites.

Thus there are many benefits that can be obtained by using z100 for URL shortener services to shorten your links rather than using normal URL shorteners like bit.ly or goo.gl . After exploring what z100 has offered, hopefully you will also use their service in the future and see how useful and easy they provide so we can generate more traffic and revenue in our business ..

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