What is a URL Shortener? # matchurl


- So, exactly what is a URL shortener?
Well, that's a fair question.
And its one we hear all of the time.
So, we thought we would give you
A bit of a break down on just that.
Lets jump right in.
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A URL shortener is a simple tool
that takes a long complicated URL
And crushes it down, compacts it
into a short, neat link for you to share.
It couldn't be more simple than that.
To clarify, A URL shortener is the same as a 
link compressor, a link shrinker, a URL condenser,
a link smallifier, A URL lessen er.
Oh, ahhh!
I think that's them all.
Essentially they're all different ways
of saying the same thing.
When we want to take something long and ugly,
and make it short and cute.
But where? I hear you ask.
Did URL shortening originate.
Well it began way, way way, back in the day,
Of the year 2000.
Long time ago.
Back then, URL shorteners literally
just shortened your URL.
That's all they offered,
and all that people needed at the time.
But! That is ancient history.
URL shortener have come a
long, long way since then.
And today they have such features as,
link masking, link shortening,
link tracking, link retaining,
link routing, and link swapping.
Now, there are quite a few
URL shortener out there.
And, each comes with their own pros and cons.
So depending on what your needs are,
they may or may not be right for you.
A branded link, However is the next step up.
Branded links are when you connect your own
custom domain to the URL shortener.
Which then acts as a base
for everyone of the links that you create.
At Rebrandly we always recommend using your own
custom domain when shortening links online.
That leads to increased link trust,
brand awareness, and Kettering.
For a bit more details on this
check out our other video,
generic short URLs vs branded links.
You can go to it by
clicking the branded link there on screen.
Look at you go!
See, your using branded links already.
For Rebrandly, it all about branded links.
They are simply the next evolution
over generic, short URLS.
And, they come with such benefits as,
making it easy to purchase and connect
any branded domain that you like.
We also have plenty of advanced features including,
Link analytics, UTM builder
and link retargeting capabilities.
The ability to edit the destination URL
of your branded links any time you want.
Don't even get me started
on how useful that is.
Look, if your on the internet at all
you've got to be using a URL shortener, right.
It just makes sense to switch from generic short URLs
to branded links.
Trust me, I'm nice!
But look, if you don't chose Rebrandly
its totally, totally fine.
Its your choice, you do what's best for you
and your business.
WE will miss you, but so be it.
If you do chose us however, we will
A. Love you forever and ever and ever and ever And,
B. Send you out a monthly metric ton of chocolate
directly to your address:
to thank you for being so cool.
Actually, you know what, now that
I actually say that, that sounds a
little bit threatening.
So, lets just leave it at a nice thank you.
Best for both of us.
Look really no matter what you do,
we just highly recommend that
you get your own custom domain name.
Its so useful for a variety of things,
impress you customers, help your marketing strategy,
and boost your brand awareness.
What ever you wanna do, be sure to let us know
in the comments below.
See ya next time; take care.
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