What is a link shortener? #matchurl

What is a link shortener? #matchurl


Is a link shortener a website?

A website is a set of related web pages containing content such as text, images, videos and other multimedia files which are encoded in various digital formats. A link shortener is a platform or a third party service which allows you to shorten the links from its long form into shorter ones. It is basically used by social networking websites to provide easy access to their users.

In layman language it can be defined as an online tool that takes up long URLs and converts them into smaller ones that redirects the user to the target URL.

Who created link shorteners? Link shorteners are actually devised because most of the social networking websites have strict rules about posting LINKS where all are supposed to follow the standard.

To make this process hassle-free link shorteners were created to convert long links into shorter ones and add extra features such as direct social sharing. With the creation of popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn people started using these services to share information and interact with their online buddies. There is no denying that we all share lots of URLs on our social media profiles ranging from news sites to interesting blogs and videos etc. If you want your users to be able to access the content behind these shared URLs then they need a link shortener rather than having us copy & paste or directly linking it. That is when link shorteners come in picture!

With the help of a link shortener tools, you can create easily sharable links. While sharing a long URL you can save your time and social network users from copying the full URL.


When should I use a link shortener?

It is actually accurate to say that every website user one day or the other has come across a situation where he had to post a LINK on a social networking profile & was too lengthy to be shared directly so he had to take the tedious approach which was copy & paste. But what if there would have been an option for us where we could have broken down this longer link into 3-4 simple steps by using easy-to-use online Shorteners? That indeed be making life easier right? Link Shorteners are generally used by social networking websites to make the process of sharing content easier. Most of these platforms do not allow you to post a long URL straightaway. As a result, people use link shorteners that provide an option to break down any length URLs into smaller ones that redirects the user to the target link/webpage.


What types of link shorteners are there?

There are two types of link shortener tools online: Third-party website service Providers Typically, they allow you to create your own custom shortened links via their website platform using three simple steps. They usually claim it as 'private' because only you can access those small links for sharing on your social media profiles or other websites/blogs. It is just a matter of entering your desired URL, shortening it and then sharing the shorter link. Own servers Providers The other type of shorteners are companies that have small links which you can automatically generate from their own websites/servers. This means that they provide a public link for anyone to use & shorten a web address. You can create these types of links manually by adding "http://" in front of the website name and ".com/" at the end if no other extension exists.

How do link shorteners work? In order to understand how link shortener tools really work there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration:


What's next? Once you've been through this article you should have a clear understanding of what link shorteners are. In case you have several doubts then question them by commenting below!

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(Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: As the name signifies, link shortener means to shorten the links. It is basically the process of shortening long URLs (uniform resource locator) to smaller ones which still redirects the user to the target URL. That's why link shortener plays a very important role as the majority of the social websites require a small URL for a better user experience.)

Who is the target audience? Users who share a lot on social networking sites and find it very difficult to copy/paste long URLs. Link shortener tools make it easier for them by converting long links into smaller ones.

What is the purpose of this article? To educate the users about link shorteners and help them understand how they work.


This article is most suitable for: People who use a lot of social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. People having some basic knowledge on how digital marketing works.

How much should you know about link shortener tools? You need not know anything regarding link shortener tools as this information is only meant to be used as background knowledge rather than copying verbatim from here!


You need not know anything regarding link shortener tools as this information is only meant to be used as background knowledge rather than copying verbatim from here!

Link shortener tools are a big part of the modern world because social networking sites require small links for a better user experience!

How can you use link shorteners in your own content? Link shorteners plays a very important role when it comes to creating available digital marketing strategies. In that sense, using link shorteners will help you create more proficient work and therefore improve your site's ranking on search engines. It all depends on how well you research & use them in your own content. For example, if you're promoting a website about games in your blog post then

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