What Happened to Google’s URL Shortener Goo.gl?

What Happened to Google’s URL Shortener Goo.gl?


You might be wondering why I haven’t included Goo.gl in this list. Well, as of the 13th of April, 2018, Google’s link shortener is only available to active users.

And since March 2019, Google has completely disabled the URL shortener and all user link data will be lost. All existing links will continue to redirect to their intended destination, but for many, this is a frustrating development.

Why has Google shut down Goo.gl?

Google wants to redirect (get it?) its efforts to Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL).

Firebase Dynamic Links have been created to replace deep links.

What are deep links?

A deep link is a smart URL that is supposed to send users to any location within an iOS, Android, or web application.

Unfortunately, most deep links have problems.

For example, the same link might not work across iOS and Android devices. Or the link might not survive the app installation process.

Google’s new Firebase Dynamic Links solve these problems. Watch the video below to learn more:

Simply put, Firebase Dynamic Links are the future of linking.

So, should you use Firebase Dynamic Links?

Well, if you just need a simple URL shortener to use online, and you don’t need links to work in mobile and web apps, then save yourself the hassle and leave FDLs for the time being.

However, if you want your links to survive in the complex world of mobile and web apps, definitely take a look at Firebase Dynamic Links!

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