What can you do with a URL shortener?

What can you do with a URL shortener?


A URL shortener is an online tool that you can use to shorten long web addresses. It’s a great way to save space for those who have busy work schedules and don’t have much time for reading lengthy articles or blog posts.


Shorteners also enable people to better remember links since the links will be shorter and easier to recall. In general, any link that has a really long address would look ugly when put into print media, so it should be shortened before being shared with the public. Some examples of links that one should consider shortening are HR files or onboarding documents as well as offline resources like print media where you don’t have the option of adding UTM tags or click tracking.




Here are some of the tools that you can use to create a shortened URL:



7. Your own custom link shortener which you have created on your own server using a platform such as PHP or Python [or relevant] framework.


When sharing a shortened link, it would be best if you mention the tool that you used to create the link in your tweet. This will help drive traffic to the correct destination and will also show your followers that you know what you’re talking about when creating shortened links.

Also, make sure that your tool is easy to remember. For example, rather than go/YourOwnCustomUTMShortener, it may be better to call it something like go/MyCoolShortlink so everyone can connect the dots easily.

Naming conventions are important especially if other people have already created their own tools with similar names. If there are multiple shorteners available for one specific platform, then simply use one of them while recommending a specific tool to use.

This way, the information will be more easily understood by your followers and they can make a choice on which link shortener they want to use without confusing them unnecessarily.

Lastly, it is best not to shorten links if you are sharing content that you know it would take time for people to read. For example, if you’re sharing an article with strict technical terms or difficult concepts that require concentration and focus then it might be better if you don’t shorten the link. Doing so may cause confusion since some social media platforms do not display previews of shortened links before clicking on them. This means that some users may end up wasting their time reading through something useless instead spending their time more productively.

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What can you do with a URL shortener?


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Summary Article Name What can you do with a URL shortener? Description When sharing a shortened link, it would be best if you mention the tool that you used to create the link in your description. This way, your followers will know what to expect from the content and can use a different link shortener if they prefer. If you're not sure about whether or not a link would be suitable to shorten then it's better not to use one at all. For example, sharing technical articles with strict terms should probably have an unshortened version as well to avoid confusion among your readers.

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FAQ's Q: What is a shortened link? A: Shortened links are much easier for people to remember. When you shorten a link, it's usually much shorter than the original one. For example, go/SalesRevenue is much shorter compared to https://www.compliance4all-usa.com/article?id=341&sub1=871&sub2=881. Q: What are some advantages of using a shortened link? A: It's very easy for anyone to share your information with other people because shortened links make sharing material through social media or email much easier and faster.


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