What Are the Benefits of Using a URL Shortener # matchurl

What Are the Benefits of Using a URL Shortener # matchurl


Are you interested in using a URL shortener, but not sure what benefits there are to it? If so, continue reading. You'll come across various reasons why you should use a URL shortener for your content and other needs.


Making URLs easier to understand: When you take someone's full URL and shorten it, it makes the entire process much more manageable and easy to read through. For example, if someone were to share a link on social media that was long and had many numbers within it, most people wouldn't be able to decipher or know where the link would take them. However, when you shorten the URL by doing things such as using TinyURL or Bitly, anyone can see where the link will direct them right away.


Give yourself options: When you shorten your links, it gives you more choices on where to direct people. If there are certain social media sites you'd rather have your content shared on versus others, the option is right there for you when you use an URL shortener that lets you choose different URLs based upon what site or platform they'll be used with . For example, if someone uses Bitly's custom link feature, they can create a specific link for their Twitter account so everything posted to Twitter will go through that designated shortened URL. This ensures your audience will only see the content you want them to see in their newsfeeds so there aren't any unwanted surprises along the way.


Boost engagement with shorter URLs: Since most people don't want to search through a long URL that's filled with many numbers, it makes the process frustrating and difficult. However, when someone shares a shortened link on social media or in an email, people are more inclined to click on it over a link that appears lengthy and very hard to read. In fact, according to research from Bitly shared by SearchEngineJournal , shortened links have resulted in increased traffic for sites as well as increased engagement from readers .


Create better analytics: Analytics give you insight into how your audience is engaging with your content along with how they found certain links so you can get the best information possible out of them. When you shorten your URLs using something like Bitly, you'll be able to see specific details such as how many people clicked on the link and where they were when they did it. This can be used to get a better picture of what content is performing well with your audience and see if there are any areas you need to improve upon.


Using shortened URLs helps inform: When someone uses an URL shortener, it not only makes your website appear more organized, but also more professional. To potential customers or clients who may stumble across your site or read some of your social media posts, this gives them a good first impression so they're more inclined to stick around and continue reading if the content is useful for them .


Improve click-through rates: When you share a shorter URL over one that's very long, you'll experience an increase in click-through rates since readers are drawn to them more. When you share a link on social media, your audience is looking for something that's easy to read and comprehend as opposed to one they have to work hard to figure out .


Improve search engine optimization: Shortened URLs can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO). The reason for this is it makes it easier for bots and crawlers to index your content and find any important pages on your site that need attention. If someone has a longer URL with various unnecessary keywords it may confuse the SEO software or bot making those areas of your site appear useless when they're not actually useless at all. Using an good URL shortener will ensure the entire process runs more smoothly.


Shortened URLs are easy to generate: There are tons of URL shorteners out there that will allow you to create shortened version of your links. You can even use some social media sites' built-in features so anyone who sees a link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc ... can shorten it with ease before sharing it with their friends and family . This is a great way for people to preview the content they're going to be looking at in advance since most people don't have time to read through long-winded articles when they're scrolling through their newsfeeds.

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