What Are the Benefits of Using a URL Shortener?

What Are the Benefits of Using a URL Shortener?


To summarize, here are some of the main benefits of using a URL or link shortener.

Looks better: To start with the obvious, a URL shortener or link shortener can help your link to look more visually appealing. A shorter link looks cleaner and more trustworthy than a longer one. Especially when the links are customized. 
Helps you track performance: URL shorteners provide the additional benefit of helping you track your performance. Most link shorteners give you analytical data that will help you understand the success of your links. By knowing this, you can understand better what your audience is engaging with, and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.
Uses fewer characters: In a place where there are a limited number of characters to use, a link shortener can help you squeeze in the URL you want to share, without burdening yourself with those extra characters. For instance, on Twitter, where you have 280 characters to share your tweet, the last thing you want is to be using up those characters with a long link.
Higher click through rate: On social media platforms people are more familiar with shortened links. They trust shorter links more, and as a consequence are more likely to click on a shorter link in comparison to a longer one. Simply by changing your long links to shorter ones, you could be improving the effectiveness of your social media strategy.  
Easier to share: Shorter links are easier to share. Whether you are adding them to an email or a personal message, it’s so much easier to share a short link than a long one. 
There’s more to URL shorteners than meets the eye.

Sure, shorter links are more user-friendly than their longer counterparts, but more than that, the ability to track link metrics is an opportunity no savvy marketer can afford to pass up.

Remember, ideally, you’ll want to use custom branded URLs.

Branded URLs generate more trust and receive high click-through rates. Plus, they prevent users from thinking your links may be spam.

When choosing a URL shortener, there are a lot of options out there. Here’s a quick summary of our link shortener recommendations for different purposes:

Bit.ly: Best for enterprise-level businesses.
Rebrandly: Best for small businesses focused on branding.
ClickMeter: Best for large businesses.
Clk.im: Best for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and influencers.
Tiny.URL: Best for casual users in need of a quick and easy-to-use URL shortener.
Polr: Best for creating and hosting your own link shortener.
IS.GD: Best for casual users in need of a quick and easy-to-use URL shortener.
Buff.ly: Best for Hootsuite users, and businesses looking for a feature-packed social media management tool.
Ow.ly: Best for Buffer users and anyone looking for a simple and effective social media scheduling tool.
URL Short Link Generator: Best for Ecommerce businesses and Shopify users.
Did we miss any great URL shorteners on our list? Which link shortener do you use and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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