What are the benefits of a URL shortener?

What are the benefits of a URL shortener?


A URL shortener is an online tool that creates a shorter web address for a long URL. These shortened URLs help to track the number of clicks and traffic sources.


Some benefits of a URL shortener include:


- Better user experience – Shorter URLs are easier to share, read and remember. Users will not have to type out very long web addresses with many different parameters; they can simply click on the shortened version instead.

- Tracking clicks – Shortened web addresses allow sites like Google Analytics to easily track which pages or links are more popular than others. This data helps companies determine if their webpage is reaching the right audience and how customers are interacting with their site overall.

- Improving search engine optimization (SEO) – URLs that are short and simple are considered to be more valuable because they take up less space in search engine results pages (SERPs). This boosts the page’s rankings, which could lead to higher traffic.

- Bettering social media presence – Creating shorter links also helps users post web content on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Shortened links can help companies share important articles quickly while simplifying their profiles within these networks.


URL shorteners are especially helpful for sharing content across different channels. For example, shortened web addresses make it easier for other websites to post company news on their own site without having to type out very long URLs.


However, there are some drawbacks for using short URLs. Since the abbreviated addresses contain less information about a page’s location, shortened links can be changed or redirected to malicious websites without users knowing. This is especially true when companies use URL shorteners that do not keep track of data and link histories.


In terms of company branding, businesses may want to construct advertising campaigns with long web addresses instead of anonymous ones in order to create a more personal connection between brands and consumers.

This article does cover "benefits" but fails to actually address reasons why you would use a URL shortener instead of simply typing out the full address directly in your post/article/tweet. Doing so will make the article more helpful and useful since it will address all aspects of URL shorteners (advantages/disadvantages). Right now, the article only discusses the advantages (statistics) but does not explain how this knowledge can actually help people or businesses. Here are some ways to improve this article:

- Add additional supporting details throughout the body of the post. These could include statistics about link tracking, improved SEO, social media sharing, etc. - Choose one example where shortened links (and their long counterparts) provide different information (i.e., a comparison between two tweets about an event; one tweet uses a shortened link while another has the full URL; then explain what each tweet shows). Good luck! :)


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