What is a URL Shortener # Matchurl

What is a URL Shortener # Matchurl


What is a URL Shortener?

What is Matchurl paid url shortener ? Matchurl paid url shortener services enable you to shorten your URLs for different purposes. Matchurl paid url shortener can help you track the performance of shortened urls, create brand awareness and drive traffic to your site or blog. Matchurl paid url shortener can also be used by advertisers who want to ask their customers to subscribe for updates via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Matchurl paid url shorteners are used by major corporations like Microsoft (Bing Ads), Oracle (BlueKai) and many others.

Using Matchurl Paid Url Shortener Services

To use Matchurl paid URL shortening services in outsourcing content marketing, you need to first register with Matchurl paid url shortener. Matchurl paid url shortener can provide up to 2,000 matchpairs per month for free. Matchpairs are the number of URLs that Matchurl paid url shortner can shorten at one time. Matchurl paid url shortening services require authentication access tokens before enabling shortened urls.

After Matchurl Paid Url Shortener service is enabled, you can start creating your shortened URLs. You need to choose a custom name for your shortened URL and provide a public key which will be used by Matchurl paid url shortener services to identify all requests coming from your app or site.

MatchURL offers reliable results for global businesses looking for dedicated MatchURL manager outsourcing services. MatchURL offers highly scalable MatchURL manager services for programmers, developers and IT professionals globally.[Included information in this article can be used as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim.] Matchurl shortener is a type of paid URL shortener that removes the ads from a website in order to provide a shorter link with a maximum number of users. Read more about Matchurl here: https://medium.com/@matchurl/what-is-a-url-shortener-ca9c6af67512 Matchurl is an url shortener service provider offering international marketing solutions across multiple countries at affordable prices. Matchurl also provides real time traffic analytics reports on your url links along with huge amount of free storage space. Matchurl provides exclusive Matchurl manager services for all business and commerce websites to help you grow fast on the internet with no competitor. Matchurl's Matchurl manager service is very effective and cost-effective as compared to Google shortener. MatchURL paid url shortening services use a secure token to authenticate requests coming from your site or app, thus making it easy for you to track clicks and analytics reports. Using MatchURL means that your shortened URLs will never contain third party tracking parameters like those used by other MatchURL managers like bitly, goo.gl etc., which results in no loss of ad revenue due to third party platforms. MatchURL is also an effective tool if you run a referral marketing campaign on***A

URL shortener is a software tool that helps you to convert long URL strings into shorter URL strings. It also allows you to customize URLs as you like. A custom URL shortener also enables you to create branded URLs to connect with your domain.

URL Shortening Benefits

In these modern times of shortened attention spans, the most compelling advantages of using a url shortener come more in direct relation with user experience than anything else.  By allowing users to load links quickly and easily, while also limiting the amount of data that needs to be transmitted, shortened URLs can give websites an advantage over their competitors by helping them rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).  For instance, on Twitter users are limited to using tweets no longer than 140 characters.  Rather than making users rewrite a link every time they need to shorten it, URL shortening tools enable users to just swap out the long link with a shortened version of it.  Another way that url shorteners can help is by allowing websites – especially those with a lot of links – make it easier for visitors to navigate their content and discover what they want more easily.

URL Shortening Tools

There are several ways to create a URL shortener: manually, through web browser plugins or extensions, or through third-party services that offer custom URL shorteners as one of many different free online marketing services which include social media integration, advertising tools and keyword tagging systems.  While most automated url shorteners are free, there are many premium-level url shorteners that give users the ability to customize the types of links they shorten and how their link will look once it has been shortened.  They also have additional features that can help increase website traffic, including custom tracking tools for different campaigns.

Matchurl Paid URL Shortener Matchurl is a paid url shortener service which provides you with an opportunity to get more benefits from your links by enabling you to convert long URLs into shorter strings easier for sharing over social media.  The MatchURL services are offered at three pricing levels based on your needs starting from $1/ Month up to $4/ Month MatchURL allows converting any number of links in along with manual entry making it ideal the Matchurl Matchurl also offers a money back guarantee so you don't have to worry about wasting your time or money by trying MatchURL MatchURL is not just a paid url shortener service but more than for what it does.  Aside from allowing you to shorten links, MatchURL provides additional services such as link cloaking which makes the links you share less suspicious and redirects users to different websites that are similar or related to where they came from.

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What Is A Paid URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a software tool that helps you to convert long URLs into shorter URL strings. It also allows you to customize URLs as you like. A custom URL shortener also enables you to create branded URLs to connect with your domain.

Paid URL Shorteners vs Free Ones

There can be a few benefits for a business owner or a website manager in using the paid version of an url shortening service instead of its free counterpart, including more customization options and better analytics reports.  In addition, some premium services have additional features that can help increase traffic to your site by enabling you to track different campaigns as they are being run on different websites.

URL Shortener Best Practices

When creating links with your own url shortening company, there are several best practices that should be followed: Matchurl

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