Well and what is the N9 link shortener for?

Well and what is the N9 link shortener for?


I'm sure that most of you use or at least have heard the network N9  , so it is possible to be asked what does  the link shortener do?

Shorten links with N9  is very useful when you want to share a web address via social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp , because it reduces the length of the publication.

For example if we share this article by Whatsapp (if it doesn't show up) will result in clicking here . This is how forums work and many other formats.

Now imagine that we can reduce the length of our publications in Whatsapp through N9. There are people who download material for offline reading or watch videos on their mobile phone, which is not so fast and needs a lot of memory.

Now, instead of this link that takes almost 11 seconds to load in Whatsapp or other social networks, we can use the following N9 link that lasts only 3 seconds .

But wait! This N9 is free to use? Yes, you're right. In addition it can be used on any website without problems.

Well done! It's time to make life easier for you and shorten some links with N9  for you. Enjoy it!

Shorten a link on your phone: First of all, go to https://n9.link/ Then click on "Shorten Link" Enter the desired URL (in this case our example)

You will get this result: https://n9.link/8pkHG Or simply click here CONGRATULATIONS! Your link has been shortened. Use it wherever you want! This is an example of how it would look in Facebook


Difference between N8 and N9?

The first difference is that the former "is a social network that allows users to share their experiences, videos, photos and more, while interacting with other users through likes, comments or shares."  On the other hand, the latter "is a mobile service which enables customers to easily create short URLs that can be used to access webpages on both mobile phones and personal computers."

Thus we see that there are some differences between the two, so you cannot use them interchangeable.

However, there are some similarities between the two that also allow the two to be used interchangeably. They are:  Both shorten links The algorithm is similar for both Use free of charge

What can N9 do?

N9 allows users to easily create short URLs which can render long web addresses shorter and easier to remember. This service is available for free for everyone at https://n9.link . There are no hidden costs involved in using this service, as it does not require user registration or promotion through other people's network accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Furthermore, anyone who has access to a computer (regardless of what type) or mobile device (e.g. smartphones) can use this service, given that it is also available in the web version (e.g. https://n9.link ).

The process to create short URLs using N9 is extremely simple and fast; users only need to enter the desired link in the provided text box (in our case, https://www.neotizyme.com ) and click on "Shorten Link" button (located at the bottom of this page). This will redirect them directly to next step which is automatically starting the optimization process for their links. It helps you optimize your links automatically when sharing with your friends in Whatsapp , Telegram, Facebook Messenger or any other social network . This saves you time because you don't need to prepare the shortened link every time for after pasting it into your social network chat. If you like to download this article and save it offline , then click on "Save Link" (located at the bottom of this page).

Once N9 has finished optimizing the long URL, it will open a new window where you can check whether the optimization process was successful or not by clicking on "Check optimized Link". If everything went as expected, users will be able to see something like this: https://n9.link/8pkHG . That is the short version of our original URL which we'll be able to use anywhere we want without any problem and it takes only 3 seconds for Whatsapp and other networks to load .


If N9 does not recognize the URL you entered, then the program will ask you to check it once again. If that is also unsuccessful, users can manually edit it by clicking on "Manually Edit Link" button. Once it is done, they will be able to enter their own short link which they created . It is important to note that this step is only required for those who want to use different short links which are not already available in N9 database, so nothing prevents you from using the suggested short version of your original link if your long link was identified properly by N9 . To do this, go back and click on “Shorten Link” button . This would bring us back to previous steps where we have the original link which we inserted before and the newly shortened version.

Afterwards, click on "Check optimized Link" button for verification of additional features, after having checked it will redirect to the website that users entered at the beginning . If successful, then you can start sharing with your friends by pasting the short URL into your status or share it on social media networks like Whatsapp , Telegram etc. Moreover, if you want to download this article offline using N9 service than just click on “Save Link” (located at the bottom of this page) button which is situated right below where users need to type their long URL . Then select one of these formats: PDF, TXT or HTML depending on suits them best.


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