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hi friends! how are you? what is URL
shortening and how it helps in marketing
and in online business? this is what we are
going to see in this lecture please
watch this lecture till the end because
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okay friends so what is URL shortening? I
think you know what is shortening URLs
simply when you have a long messy
URL or link and you want to make it
small and clear you use a URL shortening
service here I have my own URL
shortening service and let's say you
want to shorten a URL let's see I will
get a URL whatever okay I will paste
this messy URL here you can see this
numbers and whatever on Facebook now if
you click on shorten you will get this
simple tiny URL so simply the first
benefit of shortening a URL because
everyone in this world loves small and
clear things so creating a small link a
small clear link is better than sharing
this big URL okay so this is the first
benefit the second benefit is that URL
shortening services allows you to track
your links you can know how much people
clicked on your links you can know where
are your links coming from from which
devices from which countries from which
referrals and so on we can see here if we
click on this as an example whatever we
can see how many clicks we can see by
date you can see by countries by
browsers by operating systems it's
really awesome this will help you
understand your audience and know how to
target your business also what's nice
about shortening services especially
this service here that I'm using which is my
own service that you can go and select a
targeting pixel if you know pixels is
like in Facebook you create a pixel that
will monitor your visitors so anyone
visiting this link Facebook will know
that he is interested in this type of
links so you can create an audience
according to this interests which is
awesome so it helps you as I told you
in tracking your links which is very
important in online business and
marketing the third benefit is when you
post on social media like on Facebook
let's say go to Facebook where is my
page here's my page let's say I want to
create a post if I have this big link
here let's get my link where's my link
if I want to create a post and place
this big link here you can see this it
will take a lot of space inside my post
while if I delete this and get my short
link here I will copy it you will see
you can paste it here in your preview
and it will be very nice inside your
paragraph so this is the third benefit
when you want to post on social media
this will help you in giving some good
shape for your posts on social media
benefit number four is that it can
reduce your SMS costs if you are using
SMS marketing you will know some companies
may charge on the SMS size the message
size so when you shorten the URL this will
maybe reduce the cost of your SMS
campaign also what's nice about
shortening URLs is that you can
give them custom alias which means let's
say this is a Facebook link let's paste
the big URL here and click shorten now
you can see we have this awesome link
the user then can understand this link
understand the content of this link and
it will be SEO friendly even though it's
very small and simple the last benefit
that I want to mention in this lecture is
about centralized management now all
your links will be managed from one
place you can monitor everything
create all your links from one dashboard
so you can see all your links you can
monitor them you can edit them you can
do whatever you want from
only one place and this is really very
important so that's it these six
benefits that URL shortening can provide
you when you work in marketing and
online business now it is time for the
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