URL Shortener for Shopify Stores

URL Shortener for Shopify Stores


URL Shortener for Shopify Stores

URL shorteners have been around since the birth of URL's themselves. However, a lot has changed in two decades and a simple URL shortening service no longer cuts it..

While many gallery owners still use standard URL shorteners such as Bitly to direct traffic to their stores, we're going to explain how you can create an even better user experience with short links. Furthermore, we'll also show you how you can shorten your already existing links!

What is a custom link? Custom Link is an advanced version of a regular link which gives the viewer specific information about what they are clicking on . This allows users to quickly identify whether or not they've landed on the correct page before actually clicking on the link. Plus, custom links are visually more appealing than regular links - which can increase click-through rates.

How it works

We're going to use the classic example of a store selling paintings. The owner has decided to create links to her individual items in order make it easier for users to navigate between products without having to search through the entire catalog every time they want something new.

With a regular link you would get an unwanted page like this:

This is fine if all you wanted was an image of red skies but what if I actually want to buy something ? When someone clicks on the link they're taken to the product page but I still have to go back and find what I was originally looking for.

This is where custom links come in! Here's how you create one: A custom link consists of 3 parts: The type of information that can be passed on (in this case a simple name), a channel or platform where it will be sent, and the parameter which contains the actual value.

So if we want to make a link for Adam Campbell's painting called Red Skies all we need is a string with these three things in order: Artgallery1 Art Gallery Paintings Art Gallery Paintings Adam Campbell Painting Name Custom Links With our newly created custom link it's easy to see that someone has been looking at red skies from adam campbell. Now let's take a look at how this looks when you click on the link:

This gives us a much better idea of what users are looking for! You instantly get the name of the product, it's creator and where it can be found. If someone already knows what they're looking for they can simply enter its name into the search box to go directly there. Names vs Keywords Anyone who has done any kind of SEO in their lives would know that keywords are essential when creating web content - but what about when creating custom links? Custom links allow us to create rich snippets which contain information such as prices and item counts straight into Google's SERPs !

Let's head over to google and see what we get:

We even get a beautiful and clear image of the painting and where to buy it.

Naming your items correctly in-store is only half the battle! If you want to make sure your content can be found using any short link then you need to add all the relevant keywords when creating custom links, too.

In order for this method to work you need to familiarise yourself with Google's webmaster guidelines . This will stop search engines from classifying your website as spam.

Once you've added these special parameters into your URLs they'll begin appearing in SERPs in no time at all! Here are a few other things that can help improve clickthrough rates: Use visually appealing images in place of boring text when linking between pages - images are proven to get more clicks!

Changing the default text that appears in your browser when hovering over a link can also improve click-through rates - check out this blog post by SumoMe for more information!

Convert short links into QR codes to make it even easier for users to access your website. The easiest way is with our free app .

There you have it, custom links provide an easy way to give viewers all the relevant information they need before clicking on one of your links - which will ultimately lead them back to your site once again. If you've got any questions feel free to leave us a comment! Or if you're ready to start making some money take advantage of our 14 day trial today !


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