URL shortener #5: Rebrandly #  MatchURL.com

URL shortener #5: Rebrandly # MatchURL.com


Rebrandly is an award-winning URL shortener service which combines the P's of marketers, product managers and developers.

With Rebrandly, you can create a personalized link that will be easy to share on social media or just anywhere else online. You can even shorten it with your own custom domain!  

Rebrandly offers both tracking and optimization tools in their variety of packages (paid options starting from $29 monthly).

For more information about Rebrandly, please click here .


If you want to know more details about how Matchurl works, check out our sales page .***Su

jindersCookiePalace.com might be a great main URL to have, but when it comes to share on social, that character count adds up. A short, branded URL just for link sharing, like su.jinders, still gets your business name in there, without taking up precious space.


Plus, Rebrandly features both tracking, optimization, and scaling tools in their variety of packages (paid options starting from $29 monthly).


All you have to do is create your own custom link with Rebrandly's free tool and then use it however you'd like!


We also offer a MatchURL Matchmaker integration that allows our customers to track clicks from MatchURL after they've been redirected from the MatchURL Matchmaker Banners.


About MatchURL Matchmaker: MatchURL Matchmaker is an advanced cross-platform targeting technology. MatchURL Matchmaker has five components that work together to target users across all their devices and browsers, while respecting privacy . It allows you to build your list of targets based on any URL shared anywhere by anyone - on social networks, in search engines results, blogs, forums, ads etc - using the MatchURL platform's powerful matching algorithm. You can create complex lists of hundreds or even thousands of different URLs per campaign. This allows our customers to send personalized messages for their subscribers online wherever they are found - including on mobile phones!

Matchurls are great for more than just Twitter link sharing! If you have MatchURL Matchmaker installed on your site, you can use Matchurls to collect leads for your business.***The shortener you choose to put your links on will depend on what kind of content you are producing. If you are sharing a lot of videos, then perhaps Bitly is the best option for you. MatchURL provide an exceptional free url shortener service that allows unlimited link tracking and no limits on traffic or number of destinations., MatchURL have partnered with Bleip Shared to offer their users MatchURL’s premium plans in exchange for daily Shared URLs hosted by Bleip Shared.


This means that MatchURL can now offer all its features without any cost at all!


With MatchURL, brands need only purchase one domain (.co) in order to create unlimited short URLs - making it ideal affiliate marketers, eCommerce***When

Rebrandly announced their paid URL shortener— Matchurl —we compared it to the existing free alternatives. Matchurl creates branded, shortened URLs which can include your own domain name in one click. Matchurl is built on Rebrandly's API and gives you access to all features of its parent service, including analytics and coupons .

This MatchURL review will cover three sections:

- Overview & Pricing

- How MatchURL works

- MatchURL vs. Bitly

Overview & Pricing

            We've chosen to compare MatchURL with Bitly because both are third-party services that work with the Rebrandly platform for marketing purposes (more about this later). Both offer custom domains/apps at different price points, and both provide insights into how your links are performing. MatchURL also includes coupons—read more in our MatchURL vs. Bitly section below.

            MatchURL offers three pricing plans:

- Starter $19 / month

- Business $49 / month

- Premium $149 / month

The main difference between MatchURL's plans is the number of branded domains available to each plan, as well as the maximum daily budgets per link (more about this later).

            The starter plan limits you to one branded domain/app which can track up to 20 links with 15 tags per link. This means all links in this "group" must share these 5 tags (more on this later). You can reach a daily budget of 1.000 MatchURLs with the starter plan.

The business plan includes one branded domain/app with up to 100 MatchURLs that can be tracked by 50 tags per link (more on this later). This means all links in this "group" must share these 10 tags (more on this later). With the business plan, you reach a daily budget of 5.000 MatchURLs .

The premium plan offers three branded domains/apps under one account which can track unlimited MatchURLs by 20 tags per link (more on this later). Thus, all links in each "group" must share these 6 tags (more on this later). You can get to a daily budget of 15.000 MatchURLs with the premium plan.

How MatchURL works

MatchURL is a service that acts as intermediary between your Rebrandly account and another external service, such as Sharetactics or any other Rebrandly-approved tool you want to use for marketing purposes. MatchURLs are customized URLs created by MatchURL on your behalf—they are nothing more than HTTP 301 redirects which point to your default branded shortlinks (more on this later).

            Let's assume we have an account with one custom domain/app called "MyApp" . MatchURL will create one MatchURL group under the MyApp app, and all MatchURLS in this group will share these 5 tags: {username} , {source} , {campaign} , {content} and {id} . MatchURL also limits the number of MatchURLS for each group/domain, as explained above.

            MatchURL is not Rebrandly; it doesn't make any changes on how your branded shortlinks are created, but works as an intermediary between you and Rebrandly to create MatchURLs that can be used via their API (more on this later). Thus, you cannot use MatchURL to track clicks on your custom branded domain/app—you can only use it to track those clicks through its API through tags (more on this later).

How MatchURL works with other Rebrandly-approved tools:

- Sharetactics: When sharing content on social media

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