URL shortener #11Cut.Ly

URL shortener #11Cut.Ly


Cut.Ly is a great URL shortener to use if you want to see how many people are sharing your links on social media.


Cut.Ly lets you customize your shortened link with a custom branded landing page, which can add a professional touch to any link. Cut.Ly also offers real-time analytics for all of its accounts, so it’s easy to keep track of referral traffic to your site from the major social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.


Cut.Ly users can also create a free account that will track clicks through to their websites in real time and give them access to other features like whether or not people clicked on their links after watching a video hosted by Cut.ly, as well as other custom analytics and real-time click-throughs.

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URL shortener #11 will usually serve as a good choice for those who wish to shorten links without any hassle. The fact that you can customize it by adding your own domain name makes it even more attractive, as well as the fact that you’ll be able to check out analytic reports. What I like about it is its simplicity; all you do is input the original URL and then answer a couple of questions (i.e., What’s your custom 5-letter domain? What is your custom landing page?), and that’s it. You can then copy the shortened link or download it for future use.

-Cut.Ly is a URL shortening service with plenty of features, like custom branding (so you can include an image on your shortened links), social media tracking (to see how many click-throughs came from various social media platforms/networks) and free account (if you want to set up real-time analytics). -They also offer video hosting, which means that if users watch a video hosted by Cut.Ly before sharing the shortened version of the link to their friends, they will be able to see just how much traffic was generated as a result of people clicking on the video. -Cut.Ly is user-friendly and doesn’t require any registration to shorten links, although having an account will get you access to real-time analytics for your shortened URLs. -Customizing the URL with a custom branded landing page is possible when setting up an account, meaning that your brand name can be shown when users click on it. The option to add your own domain name makes it even more professional in appearance. -The fact that you can customize your link in just one click by adding in some basic information about yourself makes this service stand out from other similar ones out there.

-If you want to check out analytic reports or how many times people clicked on each of your shortened links after watching a video, you’ll need an account to access these features. It’s also free (additional accounts are $10/month), so there is no financial commitment, which can be good for those who want to test the service before settling on anything. -Unlike many other URL shortening services out there, Cut.Ly doesn’t require an annual subscription fee; it’s only $2 per month if you sign up for a year or $5 per month if you just want to pay monthly. -While their social media tracking feature lets users see how much traffic each platform contributed toward sending clicks to their shortened link, they don’t offer any data on the amount of click-throughs received from other sources. -Currently, their analytics are only available to paid members, although they plan on rolling out free tracking reports in the near future.

-Cut.Ly’s user interface is a little different from other URL shorteners out there and may take some getting used to for those unfamiliar with it–this can be a downside if you have a tight deadline and don’t have time to learn how Cut.Ly works before using it for your own benefit. If you want something more straightforward, you might prefer Google Docs or Pastebin instead.

-The fact that all of the information regarding daily click-through rate (CTR), social media referrals, total clicks and percentage of link views is organized into the “Reports” tab can be confusing for those who don’t know where particular information will show up. -As of now, their analytics reports are only available through memberships; however, they plan on rolling out free tracking reports, as well as the option to customize link branding and integration with Google Analytics in the near future.

-Cut.Ly doesn’t offer any kind of customizable options when it comes to the shortened URL itself (i.e., you can change your custom domain name or landing page but not much else), which is a downside if you really want to stand out from the crowd with something more personalized than most other services offer. -The fact that there aren’t many features regarding CTR and social media traffic being offered to free members might be off-putting for those who are on a tight budget.

-According to the company’s social media, they had some issues with their firewall that led to some downtime recently, but they have since resolved the issue and are back up and running without any problems.

-Cut.Ly doesn’t offer any analytics regarding how much click-through traffic came from other sources (i.e., social media), which may be a downside to some who want as much information as possible on their analytics reports.


URL shortener #11


—cutly, free users only get the name of the platform that sent them to the link, not specific data about how many times someone clicked each platform.

—the layout of the site is more complex than other sites like goo.gl or bitly, so it might take some time for new users to get used to it before they can use it comfortably and quickly when needed.

—the company currently offers no tracking feature for

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