Uiz.io: #matchurl.com

Uiz.io: #matchurl.com


URL Shortening is something which was started initially to save characters but now it have become more professional way of marketing.

URL shortener is a lucrative career option for many people because the demand for URL shorteners are increasing day by day. The reason behind this increment in demand can be attributed to social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook etc. There are different kinds of URL shortenings or you can say that there are different types of URL Shorteners available. They are as follows:

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1. Google URL Shortener:

This is a free service by Google and it's one of the best to optimize your website & make easy to share link on social media platforms.

Manual input in browser only but no option to change shortening option.

2. Bitly:

Bitly is a very well known name in this industry, they offer many features in their services like bookmarklets, custom URLs etc. This platform has been successfully used by large brands & high profile users because of its premium feature set which includes detailed analytics reports, less time lag when shorten long links etc. It also offers various plans for small scale business as well as corporate use cases. In terms ofization it supports CPC/ CPM/ CPA payment model.

3. Adf.ly:

Adfly is more like a PPC platform, you need to pay for every click which comes on your link & some source claims that it has been used by many websites to make their revenue from adf.ly short links. Once you create an account the next step will be joining a publisher program & advertise your link using different channels of advertising their including banners, text ads etc. The great thing about this platform is that it offers custom URLs as well as custom branding options with which you can stand out from crowd plus these features are not available in other cheaper alternatives at least for now because they keep on updating their services frequently to beat others in market competition.


4. Linkbucks:

Linkbucks is a platform which offers many features, they focus on maximizing revenue for their publishers by not just offering CPC ads but other paid advertising options like CPM/ CPA etc. This platform has been used by top brands to promote their products & links because of its great features at such an affordable cost to all types of business scale whether it's small or large one. The various monetization tools available in this platform include contextual banners, direct link ads, sponsored search result page etc. Linkbucks is popular among advertisers and marketers due to wide targeting capabilities and strong analytics toolset.

5. TinyURL:

It was the first URL shortener in this industry and still it's providing good service to users. It has many features which makes it different from others, they offer custom URLs for shortening the links. You can create a virtual URL with any name you want like yourname.tinyurl.com or you can use company name etc. This platform offers CPC & CPM monetization model but they are not that popular among advertisers due to low click rate of their ads on shortened links because most of times users don't pay attention to these kind of advertisements.

6. SnipURL:

SnipURL is an online tool for creating small sized URLs which can be shared on social media platforms or embedded in website/ web pages, blogs etc. It's one of the oldest platforms in this industry which was first launched back in 2001 as a paid service but now it has been transformed into free short URL platform to compete with other popular platforms.

7. Sribd:

This is another quite popular platform which offers all the features you will find in other best URL Shorteners along with some extra interesting features like embed codes and coupons etc to help publishers monetize their links by showing ads and earn revenue from them. The pricing of this platform starts at $1 per 100 views, 80% rev share for CPA campaigns & 85% rev share for CPM campaigns plus more options are available i.e., if you want high volume traffic then there are custom plans created for your business needs. This platform has all the necessary tools required to grow your network fast on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

8. Ow.ly:

Owly is owned by Hootsuite which is a social media management tool & currently it offers paid link shortening service along with custom branding option to attract more advertisers/ marketers towards it because there are many companies who want their ads on high authority sites so they started sharing their shortened links on famous social media sites but since owly is not that popular among users compared to others so getting traffic can take time & if you don't get visitors then its useless. These kind of services are good for enterprise level business where presence online is must otherwise skip this platform and go for others in list which are more reputed firms offering same platforms at cheaper cost.

9. Adf.ly:

Adf.ly is the most popular and best link shortener service which offers all the features like other platforms i.e., custom branded links, CPC ads with pay per install model added recently and they also have a platform for publishers to earn from their content by sharing these shortened links on social media sites/ blog or website etc. The traffic fees of this network is 0.75$ CPM & revshare starts at 90%, you can check more details of its monetization models on below image given by them:

                                             Source: adf ly 10 . Red ir :

RediR is a quite popular URL shortening service among bloggers & internet marketers because its new in the market and they don't even have a website/ landing page yet, just shortening services. I heard good reviews about this service so that's why added here on number 10 because after some time it might become popular like others or may be better than many URL Shorteners available nowdays.

I hope you find this list of best link shortener sites useful, if you still think there is any other best platform then please do share with us by leaving a comment below. You can also check List Of Top 100+ Most Popular Social Networking Sites & Best Web 2.0 Properties for more interesting stuffs like this. If you want to submit your site for listing here then read submission guidelines first before sending us . Thank You...


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