Uii.io Pays $7 for 1000 views  as highest rate for tier 2 & 3 countries # matchutl

Uii.io Pays $7 for 1000 views as highest rate for tier 2 & 3 countries # matchutl


If you're in India, where I come from and there's a lot of people like me: working in a software company in tier two or three city. You may have created an account on ix.io  already.

Ix.io is similar to shorte.st with the only difference being it pays different amount for different countries.

Uii.io is exactly like iX  except that ix has three tiers with Uii having only two, and they pay different for each country/region (You can find more information here ).

This post discusses why we should prefer uii to ix, and what payout is expected per 1000 views (important number) . It also discusses how much one is expected to make in a month (practical example).

What does it mean?  It means that if you create an iX shortened link and post it on your Facebook wall, Twitter, LinkedIn profile or even when talking with someone; people who click on the link will be billed according to their country and Uii pay different for each country.

There's no option to choose which country to bill. So I prefer uii because my link can be clicked by anyone from India and they get charged less than $0.01 per 1000 views whereas if my link was posted on another tier two city website or say Linkedin, most of them would've been billed around $0.15- $0.20 per 1000 views (as per their tier).

I'll explain this with an example: let's say you create a link on iX and post it in New Delhi, India where tier two price is $0.09 per 1000 views and the number of views is 100000 (one hundred thousand) . In this case I expect you to make around 9$. If someone from United States clicks your link who belong to very expensive tier three country, then you will be charged around $1.5 for that one view. So if someone from USA takes a look at your link, iX may charge US$ 1.50 for viewing that page whereas Uii would charge about 2 cents which seems fair because they're offering a service while ix has no choice but to charge that much.

Uii has only two tiers where as iX has three, so there's some sort of standardization here. Uii pays $0.01 per 1000 views for countries in first tier and $7 per 1000 views for countries in second tier (as of July 2016). You can check the list availabe here .

You might be wondering why someone would click on short links ? We generally post these links on social networking sites to share content, relevant news or even say an interesting article with our friends/followers. Clicking someone's link is nothing but wasting time which means you're paying for this person's view; no matter how big or small it is (and they pay very little). Would you like to pay for someone's wasted time?  I know I won't!

So does that mean they're spamming their links on these social media sites and earning huge bucks? No, most of the people who post their links don't earn anything because they have low number of followers/friends and also 99% people ignore these posts. But we can take advantage of this  by posting the link on either popular social networking sites or relevant forum where ix will be charged higher than uii whereas if your friend is from a third world country, it'll be way cheaper.

Examples: If you create an account on Facebook and post your link with $0.09 per 1000 views as billing rate then it'll cost you 9 cents. You can also write a blog on medium or wordpress and charge $0.09 per 1000 views by including Uii link as you know how (if not, contact me).

There you go! We just saved ourselves 9 cents ($0) .

Let's proceed with the calculations:

# Calculations are done for tier 2 countries ($0.01 per 1000 views) # Assumption: every visitor pays only once # Your account should have at least 500 friends or 500 followers to take part in this # Let's say one of your posts got 10000 visits click rate (%) = 10% (this is the average number for tier two websites) Total visitors = 100000 Visit duration = 60 seconds Views/visitor =views/1000*visit duration = 100*60/1000 = 6

Total Views: 100000 * 6 = 600,000 views [Let's ignore some math here, I know that (100/6) is stupid and it would be (1000000/60)]. You will get your money on Uii when someone from any of these countries visit your link.

1. India 2. Bangladesh 3. Nepal 4. Philippines 5. Egypt 6. Sri Lanka 7. Pakistan 8. Libya 9. Kenya 10-14: Argentina, Brazil and Chile - $0 per 1000 views 15: United States - $1 per 1000 views 16-22: Japan, China, Australia and Canada - $2 per 1000 views 23-24: South Africa & Taiwan - $4 per 1000 views 25-32: United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and France - $5 per 1000 views

33. India (tier 1 country) - $7 per 1000 views (from July 2016)

So here's how it works:

1. You create an account on Uii.io 2. Create a link 3. Share the link on social networking sites like Facebook/Twitter/Blog 4. People click your link 5. Shortener takes care of the rest (iX will crunch some numbers and if they think you got visitors from suspicious countries or if average CPC is too high then it'll block your account for 24 hours).

It doesn't take much time to sign up but this

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