Track the Location of Anyone On the Internet! # matchurl


Internet is the largest computer network
and more than three billion people are
using it I mean my friends your friends
my family your family everyone almost
everyone are using Internet in some or
the other way now the question is can
you track the location of a person using
Internet the answer is absolutely yes
and it's it's impossible to hide your
location on the Internet unless you are
using our VPN now I'm not going to talk
about VPN in this video I'm going to
save that for another video anyways in
this video we'll be talking about how to
track the location of a person using
internet step 1 find their IP address
now IP address is something which we use
to determine the location of a device
which is connected to the Internet
now just like how you determined or how
you describe your physical location by
mentioning your physical address in the
same way on the Internet we use IP
addresses to determine where a specific
internet connected device is located on
the earth so using this IP address we
can basically track or basically tell
from where the user or the internet user
is visiting or using the Internet so how
do you actually know the IP address of
someone well you can basically create a
domain for yourself and you can send the
link of your domain to the person whose
IP address you want to find and when
that person visits you don't mind using 
his internet connection his IP address
can be recorded but you know creating
your own domain and doing all this stuff
may be a little bit complicated so you
can follow this alternate and simple way
to find the IP address of anyone first
off go to IP log or orgy and you will
see a web page like this now let's
scroll down
and click on get IP logger code in this
page you will see your IP logger link to
record the statistics just go ahead and
copy it now you need to send this link
to the person whose location you want to
track you can send this link through
Facebook whatsapp Gmail or anything you
wish you can even shorten it if you want
all right in this video I'll be sending
this link to myself on Facebook because
I don't have any friends right now to
help me make this video so once the
person clicks on the link he'll be
seeing pay something like this but in
the background his IP address is also
located and we're going to see it now go
back to the IP lock tab and this time
copy the link for viewing the statistics
just go ahead highlight the link right
click and select go to the following
in this screen over here it lists out
all the IP addresses that are recorded
using your IP logger link and as you can
see the first type II address is
basically my IP address and it is
recorded when I clicked on the link
recently step 2 once you have their IP
address you can go to IP tracker dot
orgy and you can type in their IP
address in that text box and when you
click on search it's going to show you
all the information about that
particular IP address which includes the
location of that particular IP address
it's it shows you the country it shows
you the state it shows you the city it
also shows you the postal code and also
the name of the ISP the internet service
provider so you just saw how we can
actually track the location of anyone
using the Internet
now we can use the same technique to
find out or to locate the servers of a
particular website let me show you how
for example let's say you want to find
that or you want to locate the web
servers of my website
you want to know where my metal surface
of my website are located so you can
basically do this thing so first of all
go to this link over here which will be
in the description below and once you're
onto this link you'll find text box like
this over here simply enter the name of
the domain which you want to I mean
whose service you want to locate for
example I'll be entering my website here
and just click on lookup domain - IP and
there we go here it shows you the IP
address of the domain so as you can see
the IP address of my domain is this one
so all that you need to do is just go
ahead copy this IP address and you know
just come back to I P trakkutter
and in this page over here just scroll
down and in this text box just paste the
copied IP address and click on trace IP
with IP tracker and there we go here is
the IP address which we performed I mean
for which we perform the search and this
belongs to my website of course and as
you could see it shows you the location
where this IP address is originating
from and here it says country is the
United States the state is Arizona the
city location is Scottsdale I don't know
if that's how you pronounce it and it
shows you the postal code and basically
this means that my via my servers are
located in United States I can't
actually say those are my web servers I
am actually renting some amount of
bandwidth from go and these
and these people GoDaddy they have the
service located in the United States and
that's why it's showing United States
over there
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Internet is a largest computer network
and more than three billion users are
using it I don't know if it was right
to define the location of our device
which is connected to the Internet so
just like that

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