Tiny URL # matchurl

Tiny URL # matchurl


It's long.

It's big.

It's complicated.

And it has a lot of letters! -

But how do you remember all these? Sometimes, this leads to forgetting it altogether or just giving up on the idea of clicking that link at all, both of which are not something we want. That said, there was no solution for it until here. Introducing TinyURL! But first... 

Now without further ado, let us begin on our Tiny URL journey...

1.) On TinyURL homepage , type in the large URL you would like to make shorter or click " Just put in the big web address!" button below the text box to automatically type in the large URL.

2.) If it doesn't automatically fill the address just manually put in the big web address and click "Create TinyURL!" button on the next page. It'll take you to the next page where you can see your tiny URL on its own page on TinyURL, however if you want to get straight to clicking it click "Go" button below your newly created tiny URL instead of waiting on that page.

3.) Now here's where things will likely differ from most articles I've written, especially with changing URLs (which is what we're doing): You do not need to copy-and-paste your altered link into any website nor do you need to type out anything yourself; instead, all you have to do is just close the tab or window that has your tiny URL open. Then you'll be able to click it! And with that, there are no more steps.


If you're one of those people who likes doing things manually, here are some alternative methods for changing URLs.

1.) On TinyURL homepage , type in the large URL you would like to make shorter or click " Just put in the big web address!" button below the text box to automatically type in the large URL.

2.) If it doesn't automatically fill the address just manually put in the big web address and hit Command/Ctrl + C on your keyboard (in Windows) or Command/+C on your Mac to copy it.

3.) Now, on the webpage you want to paste your tiny URL into (whether it's a different website or even TinyURL's own page), hit Command/Ctrl + V on your keyboard (in Windows) or Command/+V on your Mac to paste in the URL; generally clicking anywhere inside the text box of that specific webpage will suffice.

4.) Finally, just click the link and either wait for it to load or press Enter if it loads instantly. Also, there are options for bookmarklets which can be easily accessed by simply clicking them without having to worry about copying anything else! For more information on how they work check out this article . All set? Great! Now let us move onto...

About TinyURL:

Tiny URL will generate a unique short web address for you to store or share. It's free and takes only seconds. Once your URL is created, you can then copy and paste it into your blog, email, instant message or website. Each time someone clicks on that link, they will be sent to the page that the tiny URL points to (no more ). With each visit, Tiny URL tracks important information like how many times the link was clicked and from what location (so we'll know if people are clicking through from YouTube). At any point in time you can see how many visitors have been to your shortened url site by looking at the stats!

Here's How TinyURL Works:

TinyURL redirects users from long URLs to short URLs and then back again. A user enters a URL into the text field on the home page and is redirected to another site with a tiny URL that we create for them. They can then paste this tiny URL wherever they like - such as forums, chat rooms, blogs and web mail. When someone clicks on it, they are sent to the original website through our redirecting proxy server ( , which means those pesky ads you see before many sites don't appear).

Learn more about TinyURL:

It's quick and easy! Just type in or copy/paste a webpage address (URL) into the box on their homepage and click 'make me tiny!' – it's that easy.


After creating the tiny url you will get this message: "The URL has been created! The new tiny URL is . Click here to return to" You can do anything with your new tiny url, like setting it as a bookmark in your browser, adding it to your blog or sharing it on Twitter and Facebook (which I recommend using). To share on social media go to the top of the page where it says "Share TinyURL" and click on Facebook or Twitter! If you want people to see your tweet(s) on twitter just be sure there's at least one character in the 'Post' box before tweeting so it'll save your tweet as a draft. For Facebook, you must have at least one character in the Post box before hitting 'Post' for it to work as a status update.

What does TinyURL do?

TinyUrl is a great service that shortens those annoying web addresses with all those long "http://www"s and dots into something much shorter with just an "f" or "t". When I first found out about this site I thought it was cool how they did it, but after playing around with their interface, I realized there's way more to TinyUrl than meets the eye! After creating my own tiny url for this article, I decided to move onto the advanced of TinyUrl. Being able to create my own custom url was one of things I wanted to play around with. TinyUrl lets you do that too by entering in a custom domain name. You can also choose the kind of URL relaunch you want, which includes whether it should open up your webpage in a new tab or window. What about creating QR Codes? With TinyUrl I didn't even know what these were nor did I expect to have them on this site! Well anyways, creating QR codes are pretty cool if you have an iPhone or Android device because it means instead of typing in the tiny url for this site, all you need to do is scan the code ! The app will take you where ever you want to go.

Learn more about TinyURL:


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