TinyURL – Simple and 100% free

TinyURL – Simple and 100% free


TinyURL is a website that allows you to make shortened URL, which makes sharing links on Twitter, Reddit or anywhere else much easier. It's currently one of the most used free URL shortening services (and arguably, the best) and it also offers several other features like bookmarking to your account so you can shorten future URLs without having to go through their site.


How To Make TinyURLs

First thing you have to do is go to http://tinyurl.com/ - From there type in whatever URL you want shortened in the box where it says "Paste or enter a long URL". For example, if I wanted to shorten this article for example I would just type "http://www.wikihow.com/Create-TinyURL" and click "Make TinyURL".

This is what you'll see: http://tinyurl.com/2k3bhqp

Note that a tinyurl with a number in the end is one that has been clicked already, so don't use them since they're not unique anymore. Here's what my final URL looks like after adding the http://tinyurl.com/ part at the beginning of it: http://tinyurl.com/2k3bhqp (Note: this link will expire on 12-10-16).

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that there are two versions of shorten URLs; either .co.nr or .tk , .co.nr is one of the older services that was around before TinyURL and offers a bit more features. .tk is newer and simpler, but it's also very popular because it doesn't require you to register an account on the service.

The Pros of TinyURL

- 100% free! - Only takes seconds to create them so you can quickly share links on Twitter or Reddit without having to type in all those extra characters. - Provides bookmarking feature so you don't have to go through their site every time you want to shorten a URL. The Cons of TinyURL - All URLs will expire after some time (by default, TinyURLs are set to last for 24 hours). So whenever someone clicks your link after that time it won't take them to the original page anymore. - All URLs you've shortened will be visible in your public profile (by default, TinyURLs are set to be visible).

An Alternative To TinyURL; Snurl

Snurl is another similar free URL shortening service that offers all of the features that TinyURL does and then some more. The main difference between Snurl and other services like Bitly or Google's goo.gl is that Snurl allows you to shorten links without anyone knowing where they're going . Both tinyurl and snurl allow people who follow your links to see what you're linking to, however while with tinyurl everyone knows exactly where their click will take them, on Snurl you can choose if you want to let them know where they'll be redirected or not (by choosing which browser you want to use for this).

Another cool feature about Snurl is the possibility of tracking your clicks , so you can actually see how many clicks each link shortened by using your Snurl account has had. If you're considering using a URL shortener then I'd recommend trying out both services and seeing which one works better for what you need it for, since there's really no "best" service that fits everyone.

One thing to keep in mind with these services is the fact that there are some tiny strings attached; tinyURL, snurl and other similar services earn revenue through small paid ads at the top of their pages. This doesn't affect anything though as clicking on them will just take you to an external website and won't cause any ads from other services to pop up.

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What is TinyURL?

TinyURL is a free url redirection service that allows you to shorten any given website's URL easily. With TinyURL users can simply type in their desired, longer website's URL and receive a shorter one in return which they can then share anywhere online by copying and pasting it or by clicking on a tinyurl button. When received through email or available as a link online, shortened URLs automatically redirect to the original website without the need for manual redirection.

How does TinyURL work?

TinyURL has 2 modes - full and bit.ly like (see below for differences). Full mode is the primary method of redirection with TinyURL; it uses both your entered URL's hostname and certain parameters to construct a shorter version of the website's URL. The service now also supports "bit.ly like" shortened URLs which are created by using only part of the original URL (ie without its hostname) in order to maintain short length. These type of URLs have their advantages since they don't contain any potentially private information, however there are some drawbacks as well that you should be aware of before using them, more on this later.


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