TINYURL.COM # matchurl

TINYURL.COM # matchurl


TinyURL.com is another great tool where you can shorten your links. It offers the opportunity to customize that last few characters of the link, so you can stay consistent with your branding. If you need to shorten links often, then TinyURL.com may be perfect for you. It can be added to your browser’s toolbar for easy access. This way, you don’t have to go looking for the tool. It can also be used to make shortened URLs for your website. This can come in handy and make link developing much easier.

TinyURL.com is a great link shortening tool that can be used in any browser, so it’s not necessary to download anything. It’s also very easy to use and can be added to your toolbar for ease of access. To start making shortened URLs with TinyURL.com, simply go to its website at TinyURL.com and type the original URL into the text box provided on the homepage. After you have typed in your original web address, click "Make TinyURL." You will then see the long URL ready below for copying into your clipboard or pasting wherever you need it. Next, paste it wherever you want it to appear instead of clicking “Okay!”

The final step is to customize the shortened URL, but only if you want to. The last few characters are customizable by default, though if you don’t want them customized, then simply click “Okay!” You can change these characters to be your company or website name or something else that makes it consistent with your branding. Once done, click “Make TinyURL!” This will create a short link for you that is easy to remember and share so others can get to your web page easily too.

You may also use this shortened link in videos on YouTube by putting the Customize button in front of it so people will see what they are clicking on. When sharing around the Internet, it is recommended not to shorten your link with TinyURL.com too much. Otherwise, it may be hard for people to see what is in the shortened URL. For example, don’t change “google.com/maps” to “gmaps” or your blog address of “blogspot.com” to “b” because that will make the link unclear and hard to remember where you are going if someone clicks on it.

TinyURL.com is a great tool for making short URLs when needed but there are alternatives available as well if this one doesn't meet your needs or preferences. For example, bitly provides more features than TinyURL but takes longer to create a shorter link with all its added information about the original link. TinyURL is a great tool for someone who simply wants to shorten their URL with no additional features and doesn't want the extra work involved in creating that shortened link.

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