Tiny URL content -  - [ How to create Shortened URLs ]

Tiny URL content - - [ How to create Shortened URLs ]


hi and welcome to this DCP web tutorial
in today's tutorial I'm going to show
you how to create shortened URLs using
so I'm going to open up my web browser
I'm gonna go to google and type in tiny
URL and I'm gonna go to this website
called tinyurl.com
when I click on there this websites
going to ask me for to fit well one main
thing it's going to ask me for URL don't
want to make short shorter so in this
example I'll go to my website or you can
go to any website whatever you need to
go to and we'll click on one of these
blog post something with a long sort of
URL so let's take this one for example
how to change colors in an image using
kind of rotate tool so here you can
see it uses this tile as a part of the
URL here you can see that right here so
I'm going to slip this URL and copy it
let's just highlight that right-click
and copy and I'll come back to this
website here and I'm gonna paste it into
here so that will be the URL that I want
to shorten now you can just go ahead and
shorten it or you can you can use this
second option here it's optional and you
can create your own little custom URL so
if we were to look at the title here how
to change colors in an image using
color rotate or we could take this part
color rotate tool just this end
part come over to here and paste it in
here paste and then with these with this
text we need to separate it with a - a -
like this now we can create make a tiny
URL so let's go ahead and do that and
then in here you will see this is the
main this is the original URL which had
93 characters and then the tiny URL has
43 characters here so now we can use
this in the blog post for example we
could copy this text here where you can
just copy to clipboard here evil one
just right-click and copy or you can
click this link here and that will copy
the URL you can go over to something
like Twitter and we can make a tweet and
we can say so I could write a little bit
of text here I could put an image in if
I wanted to in this case because I'm
shown as an example I won't do that but
we could put hashtags in here like then
we could post this then when we refresh
we'll see that tweet you can see the
tweet here and it's got the shortened
URL here and when we click that link it
will redirect to our blog post so the
other option was to copy this link we'll
go back to the home page here and paste
it here and when we paste it here if we
don't put that option in there and we
click make tiny URL it will make the URL
bit we'll just have random letters and
numbers afterwards so it's not really
readable so I prefer the first option
where you can actually read you can
actually customize the end part of the
URL and make it specifically what you
want but the whole objective is to make
it a shortened URL so you don't really
want a long I guess you can if you want
but the whole idea is to make it a
smaller URL so it's easy to cut and
paste you can send it in text messages
you can send it on whatsapp you can post
it on your blog or in your on your
Twitter account or your Facebook you can
show in a youtube description and so
forth so it's just a smaller version of
that URL so when anyone clicks on this
link if we click open in your window it
will go to there and then redirect to
the blog post as well so that's how you
use tiny URL it's very simple to make
shorts and URLs and that's the end of
this tutorial
forward to seeing you on a next DCP web

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