Tiny.ie # matchurl

Tiny.ie # matchurl


Tiny.ie is a new, collaborative and cloud-based tool which allows teams to easily create, track and analyze every interaction with their branded short links .

Tiny , the brainchild of Ciaran Kelly and Peter Cahill, was created in order to help companies better understand how people engage with their social media channels and online properties. The tool takes all the information collected from incoming traffic and stores that data within an easy-to-use interface. This gives marketers real insight on what kind of content drives engagement amongst users, where they click from/to (incl. search terms), how often links are used etc. All this info can then be exported into a spreadsheet or CSV file (if).

I've had chance to speak to Ciaran about the service. He told me that Tiny was "Built for small teams, Tiny lets you create branded short links on your own website or through social media channels."


"Tiny is an online tool which allows users to create, track and analyze all interactions with their short links", he added.

When asked what makes it different from other link-shortening services available, including Google's own goo.gl, he said " Google Analytics' new URL Builder only tracks analytics for marketing campaigns (incl PR etc.), not general usage of your website/social media accounts by visitors. We currently let you view more detailed data than the aforementioned services; we're focussed on giving our users more insight into how people engage with their online presence."

He went on to say "What makes Tiny different is both the ease of use and complete analysis. It's quick, its easy, it gives you real-time insight into how your users are engaging with your social media accounts (incl. Facebook pages)"

Tiny CEO Peter Cahill spoke about the service as well; "With more than half of all visits originating from Social Media sources, understanding how these channels impact traffic to your website/online properties has become an important part of modern digital marketing. We're making this process easier by allowing our users to track every interaction between a customer and their own brand; we provide detailed reports with user information such as Country & Language."

Peter also told me that Tiny is "currently working with a number of large global brands and we're hoping to roll out the service to a wider audience soon."

To get started, small teams have the ability to create short links through Tiny's web interface or by using their APIs, which can be accessed via URL parameters. This allows for integration into any website or social media platform.

Currently in Beta, signups are open to anyone who wants an early start on micro-campaigns. Users gain access to use both the website & APIs for free for up to 500 clicks per month/accessed account, then it's just €5 /mth per each additional 500 clicks. Teams will receive 10% off pricing if they become a paying customer before March 31, 2014. It's worth pointing out that they also offer a 14-day free trial for anyone interested in giving it a go before committing to the service.

"Tiny is being developed in Dublin by a team of high-achieving entrepreneurs with experience working in companies such as Google, Vodafone and Klarna."



It is obvious that this product has great potential to become very popular amongst SMBs. I have personally found it useful in my day-to-day work, so I would recommend using it if someone sends you a short link in an email or on social media platforms. You can use this tool directly from the Tiny website . Good luck with your business!

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Headquarters - Dublin , Ireland

Founded - 2013-02-19

Founders - Peter Cahill, Oisin Lunny

Website - https://about.tiny.ie/

Industry - Marketing Technology & Data Analytics

Employees - 2+ employees

About Us: Tiny is being developed in Dublin by a team of high-achieving entrepreneurs with experience working in companies such as Google, Vodafone and Klarna. Our mission is to help our users make more of their marketing budget with detailed analytics reports, greater ad-spend efficiency and support.



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