They promote sharing

They promote sharing


One of the features that Android is best known for is how easy it is to share information. Sharing a link, picture, or video from your favorite apps can be done so easily since sharing content to other apps requires little work. The design team has been very clever in making this process pretty much effortless.

A big part of sharing an idea is communicating it, and the richness of Android's emoji support helps a lot with that. Google's depiction of how they envisioned people sharing things on their social networks were adorable, but it didn't feel real because you couldn't do that using actual images from your gallery. And then finally in 4.4 KitKat we could see what Google was talking about all along because now users can add their own images as icons to share content.

Just like how Android is one of the most customizable mobile operating systems out there, sharing information and communicating via social media can be done in a lot of ways. There's over 500 million Google + accounts, making it hard for some people to keep up with everyone that wants to communicate on that network. It just makes sense then for an app that wants to use G+ as its identity provider would do so by default because if you want your app's users to stay updated about what's going on within your community, they need an easy way to sign up and sign-in.

Android developers have been able to provide G+ logins since API level 19 (KitKat 4.4), but until now they couldn't use the API to create their own G+ buttons. This worked well back in the days when Google + was just another social network, but now they're using it as an identity provider, so being able to select between at least three distinctive categories of G+ accounts would make things more interesting. Each one with its own icon and color scheme.

One app that made use of this new feature is MusixMatch , a popular music player for Android which has been around since 2011. The devs behind it are already fans of Material Design , but they wanted to take it up a notch by creating G+ sign-in buttons with rounded profile pictures that match the colors used throughout their application's interface. I also wrote about how useful round profile pictures are , especially for Material apps.

MusixMatch has been around on Android since 2011, making it one of the first music players to jump onto the bandwagon. Their developers love Material Design, but they wanted to go further by creating G+ buttons with their own profile pictures that match the colors of their app's interface. I also wrote about how useful round profile pictures are , especially for Material apps.

MusixMatch is a very popular app on Android because people don't simply want great music features, they're looking for solid design practices as well. One thing that stood out about this app was their use of Google+ sign-in buttons in order to provide users with an easy way to share and playlists without leaving the app. But this was something that many apps were already doing, so I wanted to see if there was more about their implementation of the sign in process that took advantage of Material Design's new features.

MusixMatch keeps things simple by simply providing users with a list of G+ pages that are organized by different color schemes for quick access. There are three main categories represented by red , gray , and blue buttons. The app also pulls profile pictures straight from each page, which adds some extra visual flare thanks to the use of Google's new round images system . This is how it looks on KitKat 4.4 (left) versus Lollipop 5.0 (right):

The older version had solid buttons white icons on top of colored backgrounds.

MusixMatch is a perfect example of how some developers are using Google's Material Design guidelines to not only create stunning apps, but also build on the company's vision of Android being a social network onto itself. Nowadays we have so many different options for sharing content via social media that knowing where your friends and family are on each one is essential if you want to stay up to date with their latest posts, photos, videos, etc.


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