The cost of poor parameter practice

The cost of poor parameter practice


Imagine you have a website which has been indexed by search engines, and this site holds thousands of pages.

Now imagine your web designer decides to change the internal linking on each page to use dynamic, querystring-style URLs.

Each product page now links to an ID number:  

             Clicking on any of these links takes the user to a specific product page, where all the content is based around that one specific article... But there's a problem here - what if someone copies or bookmarks this URL?

If they don't notice it is solid text, and not at all clickable (or copy-able), then they might go to the trouble of copying that long string of numbers.

Only then when they try to use it will they find out it no longer works...

           You have just cause thousands of people around the world to have to delete their bookmarks, send emails explaining why they can't get in touch with you, or probably most annoyingly - go through the hassle of clicking on 'Back' and having to come back your site via a different method.

This is obviously bad for business!

Now imagine what would happen if one day Google decided that every single page on your site was actually duplicate content, because all these URLs are exactly the same? You could lose ALL search rankings for years! It has happened many times before, and since Google is always growing - it will continue to happen again.

So what can you do about this?

You can simply stop using parameter-based URLs - stick with clean, old fashioned links which link directly to the page that needs to be displayed. If one day your site needs an extra 'page' (e.g. then just create a new file and upload it via FTP or by using your hosting control panel's file manager... It really is as simple as that!

Please share this information with anyone who might benefit from knowing these practices are bad for business! This applies if you have a static website, or any kind of eCommerce application where parameter-based URLs are used...

It is something very simple, but if not dealt with it can cause long term problems that can be difficult to resolve. For a quick SEO boost take a look at our backlinks services . Also check out our seo blog for more interesting articles.

As always we welcome your feedback! Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think about URL parameter practice in web design, eCommerce development and website optimization in general. Do you have any examples of when bad URL parameters have caused problems? Maybe even how to solve the problem they created? We would love to hear from you so please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below...

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Google can recognise when every single page on a website is 'duplicated' by using different parameters in the URL - even if it's just one character difference! This is known as 'URL Parameters'... A good example would be:

Can you spot the differences? The page will show exactly the same content on every single URL - but to search engines that's different pages and this can really add up! Many people still think that Google has a 'page limit' in place... But this is not correct. Do you know how many pages your website should have? If you don't have an effective internal link structure on your website then it's likely that your site won't perform as well as you would expect. If you would like more information on how to improve the link structure on your website then please check out this article: Internal Link Structure No Repetition Google likes it when web pages have a natural link structure. You can always add in control words etc to help Google, but these should be kept to a minimum and never used on every single page. So what should you do if your URL parameters are causing this? Well, you can either simply remove them... Or you could use the 'rel=canonical' tag to tell Google which URL is 'the one'. You can find out more about how to avoid duplicate content issues here:

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