The best URL shorteners compared

The best URL shorteners compared


The reason you share a link online is to let people know about the resource so they can take action. In some instances that could be signing up, in others it could mean taking a survey or submitting an offer.

The one thing we all rarely do is type out a long and complicated URL and forget what we're doing halfway through. Just like email marketing shortened subject lines make it easier for subscribers to see your message at-a-glance; short URLs provide leads with the same benefit, only better. You don't have to change your workflow or use new tools, shortcuts will save time and help you track performance better than ever before (more on this later). Here's how five of our favorite services can make sharing URLs simpler: [ BEST URL ]

A great alternative to, includes easy customization and link tracking, with a mobile app and browser extension (for Chrome and Firefox) available for download. + Automated shortening: No need to remember or type out your custom URL; follows you on social media and updates it when you post new content. Just make sure you bookmark the page after it's created! - Free accounts limited to five short links per month, paid version starts at $9/month



Boasting an impressive track record that spans more than 12 years, SnipURL allows users to create both custom URLs and shorten them via a one-click system. Despite being a veteran in the industry, SnipURL seems to take a much stricter stance on offensive and pornographic content, which may be a deterrent for content marketers that prioritize brand safety. - No free version available


Google URL Shortener [ BEST URL ]

Built into Google's existing Analytics platform, Goolge URL shortener is as simple as clicking "Shorten" when you want to shorten a link. You can create up to 1,000 shortened URLs with access level set to "private", making it ideal for those who need to share shortened links without providing public access. While not an ideal option for individuals looking for personal branding options (you won't get your own custom domain), it does offer analytics tracking and is completely free. - No personal branding options, limited to 1,000 shortened URLs [ BEST URL ]

Hootsuite's is an excellent tool for managing your social media presence while creating custom URLs that help you track performance over time. Offering both "vanity" short links (for example, using Hootsuite's will show your Twitter name in the link) as well as full customization, is a great all-in-one solution for marketers looking to simplify their workflow. + Automated Shortening: By connecting with other social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook it can automatically generate post drafts when you schedule a post on another network. - No free version available


Bitly [ BEST URL ]

One of the biggest players in the industry, is a powerful option that allows users to create custom URLs as well as shorten existing links through a one-click process. Bitly boasts both desktop and mobile apps for added flexibility, monthly data limits have been removed from their premium plan and it now includes enhanced brand analytics, making it a great choice for both personal branding projects and larger marketing teams working with numerous clients. + Preset Tracking: The standard "vanity" short link setting (for example using will show your Twitter name) makes it perfect for sharing branded content across multiple social networks simultaneously + One-click Shortening: No need to type out a long URL, just click the link and you're good to go! - Monthly data limits have been removed from their premium plans


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Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: If you need a URL shortener that puts a focus on your branding first then check out With you can create, personalize and shorten links using your own domain.

Creating and tracking branded URLs has never been easier, and has a great library of tutorials to walk you through each part of the platform.

The best URL shorteners compared

Shorten long URLs with these free services and custom domains -

Shorten long URLs with these free services and custom domains -


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