Steps to use the Google URL Builder

Steps to use the Google URL Builder



Step 1: Access the Google URL Builder

To access the Google URL Builder, follow this link [].


Step 2: Insert your Campaign Parameters

Before you start using a Tracking Address, it is important to have at least one Campaign Parameter in mind that will be useful within your Ad Campaigns. You can insert up to five parameters into each campaign URL you create, but be sure to only use the necessary ones so as not to clutter up your URLs and make them hard to read. In order for your Ads to track properly, keep in mind the following rules when inserting parameters:

1. Capitalize your letters, but do not use any special characters or spaces

2. Avoid using punctuation marks

3. Keep the length of the parameter between 1–60 characters to ensure proper tracking

4. Once you have inserted your parameters, click “Generate URL” at the bottom of the screen to generate your Tracking Address


Step 3: Generate your Tracking URL

After inserting all relevant campaign Information into the Google URL Builder (see step 2), click “Generate URL” at the bottom of the page to generate your actual Tracking Address. There are two options for generating this link—with or without a value attached to it. By default, you should see “Campaign Name-CA” appended to the end of your Tracking Address. If you do not want this information attached to your URL, remove it by clicking on “Remove tag” below where you see “Campaign Name-CA.” After removing the unwanted text from this section, you can now click “Generate URL" to retrieve your Tracking Address.

Note: If you choose not to fill out any parameters when creating a Tracking Address through Google Analytics, then leave both sections blank and click "Generate URL." The default Tracking Address will simply be a long string of letters and numbers that ends with ""


Step 4: Insert the Tracking URL within the Campaigns

The final step is actually plugging the Tracking Address into your Ad Campaign. Now that you have generated a Tracking URL, this ‘long string of letters and numbers’ is actually the link to your Analytics account which you can now use within your Ad Campaigns. Make sure not to forget to do so—if you create an Ad without linking it to Analytics, then there will be no way for anyone to track any information about your Ads! First open up Google itself (make certain that your browser is set up properly) and go back to the Google URL Builder. Place either parameter or both into the relevant boxes next to each ad campaign you are running on Google.


Step 5: Analyze Daily Results in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides an extremely detailed analysis for all of your Ad Campaigns. You can select any day within the time period you want to review, including daily results which are separated by hour. Below is a precise example of what to expect when reviewing Google Analytics for Ad campaigns:


"Campaign Name-CA" generated 12 clicks with 5 impressions on April 21st between 4pm and 8pm. This generated $0.01 in revenue for this particular campaign.

This generated 10 clicks with 3 impressions on April 21st between 4pm and 8pm. This generated $0.01 in revenue for this particular campaign as well.

You can repeat these steps whenever necessary, but it is important to remember that you cannot insert parameters into your Tracking Address more than once without completely deleting your old Tracking Address and creating a new one. Because of this, it would be useful to keep track of all the various parameters you use for your Ad Campaigns in order to avoid forgetting what they are or misplacing them (and thus losing out on important information). By saving this tracking information, you can always find it again if or when you need to reference it later.

There are many other things that you can do with Google Analytics which I encourage you to explore on your own time. After following these steps and getting familiar with the process, hopefully it will be clear how much easier it is to track your Ads once they go live rather than trying to remember details afterwards! If anything remains unclear, never hesitate to reach out directly so we can get back to you right away! Have a wonderful day! :)

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