Pays $7 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States Pays $7 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

23.Oct.2021 Pays $7 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

Smoner is a website that pays up to $7 per 1000 views as it's highest payment plan and .50 cents as its lowest  payment plan  for every single view on your  link,  all you have to do is  to create an account and paste your link in the url field and submit  it and wait for people to click on it so you can make money.

Smoner offers two plans; one that pays you 50 cents per 1000 views and another that pays you $7 per 1000 views, they payout through paypal or bitcoin, they also offer referrals but right now there are no referral links to click,  just a simple registration form, if you could refer people to the website and they contribute then you would be paid 10% of their earnings for life.

The link can be a youtube video or a twitter post or a blog article etc., so anyone who wants to cash out through paypal must have an account with paypal connected to it.

All that is required from your side is just some good marketing skills because the only way to earn from this free url shortener service is by putting your affiliate link somewhere out there on the internet and wait for people to click on it. This site works similar to but pays higher than  and has a referral program that pays you 10% of all the earnings from your referrals.

If you have any doubts then check out this FAQ  section where all most all of your questions will be answered.

Visit for more information on how to make money with this tool and also to see what they have to offer in terms of payment plans and features.

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11. All multimedia files are working and lead to their respective source pages whenever possible (i.e., image file opens in the original viewer/editor by clicking on it), i.e., no more broken images or videos because you had an outdated browser or couldn't install proper free software when needed unlike before when your only choice was to either stick with using a very old operating system which is no longer supported or pay big bucks for something worthwhile while hoping that it does what's promised on the sales page at least half of the time - neither one is worth your money since both alternatives are obsolete technology, especially if you're a gamer.  :)

12. Best urlshortener ensures that your articles are always mobile friendly so they can be viewed on any device without issue, i.e., no more reading tiny text or being forced to zoom in or out all the time because what you saw on your screen didn't match what was rendered by the browser which is why some words were too small for you to read while others simply disappeared entirely (i.e., this problem doesn't even exist anymore).  :)

13. Best urlshortener has an option for earning 100% commissions from referrals, i.e., whenever someone buys something through your affiliate link, you'll get paid 100% of the sale price automatically (i.e., they don't need to click on your affiliate link at all).

14. Best urlshortener enables you to run multiple campaigns which is why you'll never fall behind on sending massive amounts of traffic to websites that pay per sale or DO NOT PAY (so you can make money with them even though they won't give you anything) because it will be sent automatically, i.e., there's no limit to how much traffic Best urlshortener can send which makes its automation feature irreplaceable for marketing purposes (i.e., Best urlshortener was made specifically for people who want instantaneous results and cannot wait for manual traffic exchanges).  :)

15. Best urlener has an option for blocking countries that you don't want Best urlshortener to redirect traffic from, i.e., Best urlshortener will never send your visitors to any country that you don't approve of which means you'll avoid getting banned in the future when someone decides to dox Best urllister and Best urlshortener (i.e., Best urlener doesn't modify or add any requests whatsoever).

16. Best urlshorterner is safe to use with websites that pay per sale because there's no risk of ever sending too much traffic and triggering a ban, i.e., Best urlrister only sends target visits in order not to bother website owners who hate it when Best shortenner sends them extra users and views even though they're not looking to make sales (i.e., Best urlshorterner knows how to manage traffic perimeters, unlike Best urlshortener).

17. Best urlredirect offers its services for free because Best urlrister only makes money from the users you refer so there's no risk of Best urlredirect getting banned or suspended at all which means it will remain online for as long as Best shortenner wants it to be available which is why Best urlshorterner can afford to give away its services for free (i.e., Best shortenner is not an amateur service that needs constant donations in order to stay afloat).  :)

18. Best shortrn doesn't have any monthly fees, i.e., Best urlredirect gives you everything for free so Best shortenner will never have to pay a single cent which means Best urlredirect can afford to hire personnel and buy servers without having to worry about losing money because Best shortenner only makes money from the customers you refer, not Best urlredirect itself (i.e., Best shortrn doesn't waste time on anything that isn't related directly with its core business of being the best urlredirect).  :)

19. Best shortrn doesn't have any hidden fees, i.e., Best urlrister won't charge you extra even if Best urlshortener breaks at one point or another which means it is very unlikely that Best urlrister will ever scam you because Best shortenner can afford to hire personnel without having to worry about losing money because Best shortenner only makes money from the customers you refer, not Best urlredirect itself (i.e., Best shortrn doesn't waste time on anything that isn't related directly with its core business of being the best urlunlock).  :)

20. Best shortrn doesn't have any crazy prices for upgrading, i.e., Best shortenner won't ever ask you to pay an extra 100$ every single month in order to get access to all of Best urlrister's features which means Best urlshorterner is perfect for people who need something safe and reliable but don't want to more than they should (i.e., Best shortenner has the lowest prices possible).  :)

21. Best urlredirect will never ask you to pay for viewing advertisements, i.e., Best urlshortener is free and doesn't give any room for mistakes which means Best urlshorterner does its job properly and knows how to prioritize (i.e., Best shortrn trusts that Best urlunlock's professionalism and experience speaks for itself without having to resort to tricks or gimmicks).  :)

22. Best urlredirect won't ever ask you to pay extra just so that it can work 24/7, i.e., Best shortened isn't new at this business which means Best urlrister can afford having personnel at Best shortrn's disposal at all times (i.e., Best urlredirect is a reputable business that doesn't need to deal with lies and excuses).  :)

23. Best shortenner offers email support 24/7 in case you have any doubts or queries about Best shortcut, i.e., Best urlunlock understands that Best shortened is not perfect but it will always try its best to show everyone that Best shortenner does whatever it takes for Best urlrister's customers (i.e., Best shortrn won't give up).  :)

24. So why wait? Join Smoner today! URL Shortener - Earn money from home without paying any fee!

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