Pays $5 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States # matchutl Pays $5 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States # matchutl


Every professional webmaster knows the value of traffic and how important it is to rank high in search engines.

There are many ways to promote your website by either buying banner space or making a back-link from another site, but usually these activities don't come easy and it takes time before you get results.

Every professional webmaster must be looking for new and effective ways of promoting their websites because an increase in website's popularity is directly proportional to earning potential of the owner.

Today I am going to share my experience with you which will help you make money by shortening URLs . I came across this url shortener by accident while surfing on net and decided to give it a try.  The name of url shortener service is , I have also written a review of it on my site which you can check out here .  I instantly liked the working style of this url shortener and started promoting it through social bookmarking sites.

After starting to promote, I saw that they are paying $5 per 1000 visits from United States , what more could be better than this?  These clicks are mainly targeted keywords based, for example if your website is about marketing then most probably you will get traffic related to online marketing or internet marketing both of these searches together makes up 25% of total search results according to Google Adwords Keyword Tool.


Every professional webmaster knows that traffic is directly proportional to your earning potential and most of the times indexed page rank plays a major role in this.  I ran some test reports on and found out that they are also indexing very fast, so with time and more and more quality back links the indexed page rank will definitely increase which will eventually help you get higher ranking in search engines for keywords related to your site . has been online since 2009 which means they have gained enough experience until now.  There is nothing new about their working style because it's same as many other websites such as or but the main different is in price per click rates which is super high compared to other similar websites.  The price of per paid click from United States is $5 which is highest until now for a url shortener service, you can see comparison here . sends traffic through its referral system and has a very good reputation which means that if your website receives 2500 visitors in a day then it will be considered as very popular site while some other sites may require more than that to get a good ranking in Google or any other search engine.

Smoner's revenue model is same as many other online money making services such as , peopleperhour etc., they have their own payment threshold level where you have to wait after reaching the threshold limit to cash-out your earnings.  The minimum earning threshold for is $14 and you can withdraw both by PayPal and Payoneer which will take an average of 3 to 5 business days before the money reaches in your hand after cashing out .

You can check out review here where I have mentioned few reasons such as why you should use it and how they are different from other similar services available online.

Smoner's traffic sending policy is open for some countries but not all, if you are lucky enough then you will get around 3000 daily visits while some countries are banned by default due to some reason, that's what I found after reading their Terms of Service page.  

In my humble opinion I will say that is a very good website which you can use it if your website receives more than 5000 visitors daily, I am not using it currently but promote through social bookmarking sites and get paid for every 1000 visits from United States .

I have also created a free account where I have uploaded few posts of mine to see what happens next while some upvotes are taking place on those posts. You can check out these posts by clicking this link , just create a free account and verify your email address then login to see your dashboard from here .  Make sure you post about something which is relevant to the topic otherwise Google may ban you from publishing on their blog. :)

These were all the basic features and their working which you will find on any other url shortener service but I found smoner is having some unique features over its users which makes it so different from the rest.  The most interesting part is that even though they do not provide referral system or may be I didn't see it as of now, they still compensate you for your traffic by paying $5 per 1000 visits.

I just love this user friendly website and recommend Smoner to everyone who wants to earn money online through sharing his or her own link .  I hope they will add referral program in future and also share if any new feature comes up with them related to online earnings like refferal commissions etc., because we all want more :)  

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