SmartURL # matchurl

SmartURL # matchurl


        As you may know, SmartURL is a tool that allows you to create a short link that redirects by country and device. This free URL shortener overrides the default UL and redirects the visitor to a country-specific destination. It establishes your custom alias and adds a brief description of the context. 

                Your objective is to get rid of the "visitors" part in this sentence so it reads:

"SmartURL is a tool that allows you to create a short link."

You have 35 minutes. Ready, set, go!

The answer will be available in another post after this one has been published :) Good luck!

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Hint 1: You cannot change the title of this post. Hint 2: The article contains five paragraphs, so you have to remove five words from each paragraph. Hint 3: There are no newlines between sentences in any of the paragraphs, therefore all of the changes will be within the same line/sentence structure.

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Answer: You have two options here. You can replace "visitors" in each paragraph with either "users" or "people", since both are more neutral terms. However, I went with changing it in the first paragraph only because there is another word in front of "visitors". The result is this: SmartURL is a tool that allows you to create a short link. This free URL shortener overrides the default UL and redirects people to a country-specific destination. It establishes your custom alias and adds a brief description of the context.

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