Simple URL Shortener # matchurl

Simple URL Shortener # matchurl

14.Oct.2021 is an online URL shortener that is very easy to use and manage. You can shorten the URL by going to the homepage of Bit. do, copy your link, paste it on the homepage, and get the shortened link. You can access advanced features of the tool b signing-up for an account.

You can also see click statistics of pages by visiting bitly and clicking "All stats."

In order to get an account you have to follow a few steps. First, sign-up for an account by entering your email address and password. Then confirm your email by entering the verification code sent to it. When finished, go back to the homepage of and enter the title of the page that you want to shorten then click "Create." The shortened link will be displayed on the screen along with information about clicks and visiting times.

After you click a shortened link a pop up window will appear asking if you want create a bookmark in your browser using this link. Click yes if you want this tool to be available next time when surfing online or else simply ignore it if you don't need it anymore.

Note: If you want to get all account benefits like better statistics (tracking) and getting detailed information about links, you should sign-up using .


The following are some of the key features of


URL shortener with no user accounts required.

Built into popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox through an extension (add-on).

Statistics of clicks on links available after pasting the link on this tool.

Create new bookmarks with included shortened links in your browser for easy access next time when surfing online.

Advanced features accessible by signing-up for an account here . For example, accessing referral information etc.


After creating a shortcut to the URL, text links need to be copied and pasted on a Web page.

Accounts can be used to use stats or create new bookmarks for shortened links.

Some people feel that it makes the URL too long since a '+' sign is included at the end of URLs.

Current information about statistics and clicks can only be seen after getting an account here . For example, referrals or detailed link information etc.

It takes time before clicking will lead you to the desired web page as there some times when you will have to wait for 15-20 seconds until this tool redirects you to the website automatically (only available with accounts). Note: You may still see pop ups asking if you want bookmark shortened pages even after you sign-up using .


will lead to an error page if the link is not accurate, like this one . This can be frustrating for many blogger and website owners who are trying to shorten their links (the original article has now been removed). If you want this tool to automatically redirect you to the intended website, it is best that you have an account here .

Link shorteners are commonly used on Twitter because messages are limited in length which makes URLs very long if they were included whole without any shortener. Shortened URLs also make it easier for people to remember.

Some short URLs are easy to guess which can pose a security threat if not protected properly. For example, .

Shortened links should be checked regularly because they could lead you to dangerous websites that might harm your computer or steal information from your computer without you knowing about it (like phishing sites).

It is not recommended to ever click on shortened links unless absolutely necessary as they are often used in "phishing schemes" where you are led to fake webpages or scamming messages made by cyber criminals hoping that you will enter personal information like passwords and banking information.[1] A good idea is either copy the link first then paste it into an incognito browser window or use a different computer to visit the link since phishing sites will have a history of which you can check.

A shortened URL is an Internet address that has been made shorter in length by using a service called URL shortening . This tool makes it easy for people who need to share lengthy URLs over Twitter and Facebook, for instance. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

The following are some examples of popular services used to shorten URLs:

Shortened URLs also make it easier to send messages via email and instant messaging because they take up less space, and also make it easier to paste them on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. [8]

Setting up a shortened link is relatively easy and short URLs created using this tool can be used in many ways:

Send shorter messages by email or instant messaging.

Post the shortened URL on your blog or website.

Shorten links for use on forums, chat rooms, etc. This tool can also help non-profit organizations get more donations through the "Donate Now" button on their webpage because people will potentially donate without hesitation if they see that an organization has already received money from supporters who clicked on the "Donate Now" button/link which appears at the bottom of every page in the site (this can be done by using one of the available tools).

If you want to shorten a link, go to any of the services mentioned above then paste or type in your link into the box provided and press "go" or "shorten". You will have to sign-up for an account first if you are planning on saving more than 5 links. You can also choose to join partner programs but only if you meet certain conditions (see below) since some partners may require that users must have accounts with them before they can use their services.

Shortened URLs are often used by search engines including Google so that they can monitor which pages are being linked back to their website through shortened links. The reason for this is because shortened links sometimes redirect to dangerous websites that have been created by cyber criminals which are used for phishing schemes. [9]

Shortened URLs can also be used to track how many times a link was clicked on so the creator of the shortened URL knows exactly how many clicks they are receiving. If you create your own shortened links, it is best to write some information about what the shortened link may lead to so people know where it will send them if they click on it. This practice is not only useful but also helps reduce the number of shortened links that are mistyped or changed into something else then used maliciously by cyber criminals.

An Internet service called makes using short URLs extremely easy and fast while offering features more advanced users can unlock with

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