Shylnk # matchurl

Shylnk # matchurl


When we talk about URL Shortener, we come across a number of such services and one among them is Shylnk. It is an ultimate tool to shorten your long URL with some premium features for free. When you visit shylnk, it redirects you to a page from where you can create your new short URL.

Shylnk provides its service in three basic plans:

1) FREE PLAN: In this plan, the user gets basic service only i.e., they can share their URLs on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook along with messages of his choice which will be shown below the shortened link in Tweet or Facebook post. The messages are limited till 4 characters only.2) PREMIUM PLAN: This plan offers advanced features which are not available in FREE PLAN. The user can also track the clicks on his links.3) BUSINESS PLAN: This is an advanced plan with all features of PREMIUM PLAN & has extra benefits like Google Analytics Integration, Email Client Integration, Product/Service Distribution, etc.

Shylnk provides its service only to the US-based users for now because it uses Google App Engine Servers to store data and they are located in that region. For other users outside the US, Shylnk redirects them to their closest shylink server location for shortened URLs i.e., if you are from Germany then Shylnk will give you a shortened URL ending with .de.

Note: Shortened URLs are not disclosed to the public, but are easily decipherable by anyone who knows the URL shortening service. It's better you use shorteners like which encrypts shortened URLs using 128 bit or 56 bit encryption keys. Shylink uses only 40 bit encryption key. You can find more information about it here :

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Labels: article , url shortener  I am sure when you use internet for marketing your website or product or services you know the importance of backlinks which is also known as do follow link; because Google also uses it as a ranking factor. But one thing which always happens that while submitting my site in search engines like Google I used to submit only homepage, later when my site indexed with different pages then I would go on submitting all the pages but what would happen if eventually most of the sites has that problem that it can be indexed only with one page and rest of the pages remain un indexed to get backlinks from other sites. So here is what we can do: Google allows us to create two types of links , one is called as No follow link and another is called as Do follow link . You should always use "Do follow" link because no matter how many times you add the same URL in search engine submission if it's a "No follow" link then your site will not get any benefit out of these submissions. Why we use "No follow" link? A "no-follow" attribute for links tells search engines NOT to follow that specific link; this information may help search engines determine where they should place your site in their indices. It is still important that you submit your site to search engines, but the "no follow" attribute acts as a signal to try and prevent spamming. Why use Shylink? Shylink is no brainer when it comes to url shortener service, there are too many benefits which one can get out of this URL shortener service like: Free of cost Reliable Decent amount of customizability in terms of design (you can choose what ever color scheme you want) Extended features like analysing links (to find broken links)

You can even use Shylink browser extension to give URLs you type in the context menu - Just hold SHIFT or CTRL key while selecting "Copy link location", "Open

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