Review: ( Payment Proof!) Review: ( Payment Proof!)


how to make money on shrink me that i oh
here you can see
shrink me send seven dollars yes ring me
send five dollars and if you search on
google you can see a lot of shrink me
payment rules
in this video i will review shrink me
that i owe how you can make money there
and is it worth it and are there better
alternatives to make money online watch
my video until the end to get all the
answers for your questions right away
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online like you and i alright so in this
video we are going to focus on shrink me
that i o
some of you are actually asking me in
the comments uh under some of my videos
what does this ring me that i o doesn't
really pay how much you can earn there
so as
always i have read your comments i hear
from you so i want to answer you how
much you can
earn how does this website work they say
shorten urls and earn
money this is a pretty similar website
that i showed you recently on my youtube
channel let me
show you uh you will find adfly reviews
i have created these two adfly reviews
and it's pretty similar website like
shrink dot
me the idea with this website is that
you take any link on the internet let's
take for example my
youtube channel here we copied uh we put
it here
we paste it and then we click here and
then they will give us a link after we
have signed up so if you want to
you simply fill out your email so you
use the name password here
then you click sign with google and
register and after that you will paste
your link somewhere on the internet for
on youtube let's say you can go to
youtube leave a link here
uh in the description or in the here in
the comments and then when somebody
clicks your link you earn some money for
and this shrink that uh io and also
adfly they both
work with the same strategy and there
are many similar websites that use this
link shorteners to make money and as you
have learned in my adfly reviews you can
make real money with these websites
these are not the only ones that pay
through this strategy
but as you have learned here uh the
earning potential is let's say
it's not the best as i've explained here
uh here i
show you four simple steps that make me
up to five thousand dollars per week
uh how i make thousands of dollars every
month by posting links online in this
link posting guide i actually explain
the four-step formula for making money
by posting links online
people are loving it like everybody
likes this i'm sure that you will also
like it because you are interested in
this uh making money by posting links
uh with shrink me that i or other
similar things and this four-step
formula works i have you made
made like tens of thousands of dollars
by posting links online
simply by following these four steps and
i know personally a lot of people from
all around the world united states asia
africa like everywhere in the world
europe and myself from europe
you can make this uh money everywhere
i'm not saying that it's immediate like
you just click a couple of buttons you
post links it's not like that
you need to follow step by step proven
system so i teach you here basically
how it works and i can give you in the
end of this video i will
show you in a nutshell how you can
actually make a lot of money by posting
links online
but you will not probably make a lot of
money with
or adfly or any other similar some
people have made actually two thousand
and four hundred dollars with adfly
yes that's possible but if they have
used it in the different way
they would have probably made much much
more uh the thing with this
url shortness is that they give another
distraction for reviewers so let's say
that somebody for example
wants to come to my youtube channel and
i would copy this link
and then i would take it here then they
don't get to my youtube channel
immediately they first go to the
shrinkme that i o
and then after that if they click
something way five seconds or something
then they can only go to my youtube
channel so it's like it's distracting
the people like
ads do and i personally don't think that
that's a good
one with string me that io as i
explained to you making money process
with this website is simple you create
account you shorten your link and then
you earn money when people
click it by the way if you are enjoying
so far make sure that you mess up the
likes for showing these different
for making money a creating account is
very easy you simply click here register
or you
just put your link here and click here
and then you can start shorting your
links and earn
money oh you might also be wondering why
does shrink me can
how how can they pay you like how does
it work well it works like this some
they pay money for this website for this
shrink made at io
and then shrink me that i o takes part
of that income
and they share part of that income to
you and then what do those
advertisers benefit is that they get
traffic for their offers
so let's say that they are paying for
example uh 10 cents per click
so somebody clicks their ad and then
they earn maybe 20 cents so they are
also making profit so it can be a
situation and shrink me that i o it's
quite popular like them
20 million clicks there are more than 4
million urls and there are
more than 129 000 users so it's quite
also ad fly i noticed these have become
quite popular 2 000 views and also here
12 000 views so
people are using this but it's usually
let's say if you are copying and pasting
your links and using these short runs
it's usually those people who are just
looking for a couple of dollars online
as you as
you showed you in the beginning five
dollars here or seven dollars there so
it's something
small money quite easy money in some
sense but you could earn much more by
following this uh
four-step formula for making money by
posting links online
actually i promise to show you how you
can make money so let me show you how it
i will leave your link in description
you simply click here
this link first link in the description
in four simple steps that made me
up to five thousand dollars in one week
you come to
uh this page and then you put your email
address here and click get instant
access i will show you how it works
we'll say congratulations for taking
action and then i explain i will send
email inbox seven day step by step
course for completely free as a free
bonus for watching my video uh step by
step course how you can start making
money online with my guidance and here
you can see people with this strategy
are making even thousands even tens of
thousands of dollars
per month online i made up to fifty
five thousand dollars in one week and my
record was
three thousand dollars in a day of
course those are not my typical days
but there are some highlights i just
want to underline this potential like
uh with shrink that and me you cannot
earn like thousands of dollars like
that's not possible so here is a
four-step formula
so the first step is that you choose
your interest you choose your passion
what do you love doing and now you might
be asking hey i don't know what to allow
just do something that you are
passionate about something you are
interested in for example if you like
playing guitar
or let's say you like cooking or
traveling choose that one that's the
first step
then the second step is to build a
website or blog or a youtube channel
don't worry if you don't have any
like technical information you don't
need it at this point because
i started with this as a complete
beginner i didn't know anything about
technical stuff so second step is to
build something then to get visitors so
for example if you have a blog get
visitors there
and then the fourth step is to earn
revenue so now that you have that link
for example from
you copy your link from amazon you leave
it on your blog and when people click it
you earn money
and usually you will earn much more
money than from website like
shrink me that io for example sometimes
when people click my links
i may earn even hundreds and my
my record was two thousand dollars for
one click
of course that was a record it's not
typical sometimes maybe one dollar per
click or two dollars per click something
like that
but record there's a potential so here i
saw in practice so i'm interested i like
so i created the simple language block
and again i started as a complete
i can show you how to build a website in
30 seconds
and then people came to my blog i wrote
simple articles
and i put the links when people click
those links i earned money for that you
can see different language learning
companies started sending me money
when people clicked my links and you can
build your own website in 30 seconds
when you search here on this website
build the website there is a
second step and then here i show you
here is a video where i saw build a
website for free
in 30 seconds you can also put your url
here what you want to
name your website for example robe
website then you click here build it now
it's available and then it's you can
simply click here and it will start
building that's how easy it is like
you don't need any special knowledge or
background for this uh once you get
started through this process
uh let me show you you will be taken
inside wealthy affiliate
because it's a community where you will
learn step by step hand by hand how you
will be
making money online and that's actually
how i personally got started from
complete beginner to making
live season income online uh when you
simply click here create your free
it will take you to this wealthy
affiliate platform i can show you inside
the members
area how you can learn the process of
making money online so they have the
step-by-step training understanding how
you can make money and again you will
see it's
four steps they have step-by-step videos
instructions training here and again you
can get started for 100
free and they also have a premium
membership if you want some
premium tools like everything everything
that you can
need to make a full-time income online
and then they also have steps like
to finish and go through so you will
learn and earn
both at the same time if you need any
help i'm here to help you inside the
uh they have a live chat they have a
support here below
so you will learn the steps to make
money you can ask questions any time so
that's wonderful and here of course if
you want to make money with
shrink that me i recommend still going
through this training because you will
learn how to get people to click your
links like
i have got like a 1.5 million or
something like that views on my youtube
channel already on my website i've got
more than one million views also
so by following these steps i started as
a complete beginner
i've got like 15 million views on tick
tock it's not
high quality views but it's 50 million
views and guess how many people click my
links a lot of people
and that translates into money so if you
want to get lots of views if you want to
get clicks and if you want to earn money
follow this wealthy affiliate training
this works this has worked for me this
has worked for
dozens of people that i personally know
my friends and thousands of people all
around the world this is a community of
more than two
million members so this is very reliable
like 15 years
this has been already around and like
thousands of people have made money
thanks to west affiliate
so that's what i recommend to you if you
want to make money uh by posting links
shrinked at me well you can earn a
couple of dollars here and there yes you
can do it if you are
if you need that but what affiliate is
my personal recommendation
and you can still use those both like
you can learn in what affiliate how to
make more money even with websites like
string that me
if you have any questions post me in the
comments below and i will be more than
happy to help you out because i read all
comments personally and i make sure that
everybody and you especially
learn to make money online if you like
smash likes and you and me
we will see you in the next video a
wonderful and successful day my friend

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