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Hi, I’m Adam. A few months ago, I made a decision to make money from URL shorteners and tried many services until found ShrinkMe as the Best Paying URL Shortener. Now, I want to share my earnings with you.

ShrinkMe is another most popular highest-paying URL shortener network, which offers a wonderful opportunity for online marketers to generate revenue. It follows CPM model & pays $220 for every 10,000 views. It also gives an attractive percentage of referral commission - 20%. Using their analytics tool, you can find out how much other marketers are making from the platform currently and your daily earnings too!


Surprisingly, Shrinkme also pays you 20% of the referral commission, which is a very lucrative offer.

Sounds good, right? Then why not start your journey to make money from ShrinkMe quickly!

In order to get started with this Best Paying URL Shortener, you have to sign up first. Signup is very easy and takes only 5 minutes of your precious time. Once completed with the signup process, click on "Get Started" button and follow these steps:

Enter your email address

Click on “Verify Email Address” link sent in an email by them

You will receive verification code via SMS on your mobile number for login details then Login using whichever way you prefer (email or password). You should the same mobile number which you have entered before for verification.

Now, you can select either "sub-account" or "publisher account". By default, it will be set as sub-account which means that your main aim is to earn money via referring other marketers to join ShrinkMe & make money too. You can also make the choice of selecting the publisher account instead (the one where you will be making money by becoming an affiliate marketer). Now click on “Create New Account” button.

As soon as you login to your ShrinkMe Network dashboard, you should see this screen:

You can shorten any link with their URL shortener service for free (you don't need to pay anything) and start earning right away. Best Paying URL Shortener Shrinkme offer pays $22 per every 10,000 views and referral commission is 20% (which means you can make $440 in a month when you get 100 clicks on your shortened link).

This Best Paying URL Shortener offers various ad formats such as:

Text Ads - They will divide the ad space into two parts; one for display ads and second for text-link ads. You can choose either or both of these options depends upon which format/s suits your website well & according to its theme too. However, remember that click through rate (CTR) is an important factor so try to give more emphasis on texts than images. Banners - As usual, they also have banner ads available. They have different sizes such as 468x60, 336x280, 120x600 that you can choose for your website between these Best Paying URL Shortener's banners. You can also use their text link ads format instead of banner ads too.

They will provide you an ad code and HTML code which you should paste on the source code of your web-page (where you want to place the Best Paying URL Shortener's ad). After this, it’s very important to make sure that Best Paying URL Shortener AdSense has been enabled; otherwise, the ad won't show up on your site & hence you won't be able to earn anything from ShrinkMe network.


Once your Best Paying URL Shortener account has been activated, you'll see this screen:

As soon as the ad space is allotted on your site, it will be displayed in Best Paying URL Shortener's ads format. In order to make revenue from Best Paying URL Shortener, you have to get traffic & high CTR. That means more visitors click on Best Paying URL Shortener ads leading to good earnings per day/week/month!

Here are some of the necessary things which you should know before starting with Best Paying URL Shortener:

Not allowed sites - Some of the websites listed below are not allowed with Best Paid UrlShortner so don't even try using Best UrlShrinker service on the sites listed below Best UrlShortener will not accept to be used on websites that are focused on Best Paid Urls, Best VPN VPN's Best Ptc's Best Profit Sites & other similar kind of Best Paying Url Shorteners.

Forbidden Sites - You can't shorten links to immediately check Best Payment Url Shrinker servers until you have actually completed the verification process. It is also not allowed to link directly to Best URLS in article content or within resource boxes. Linking to any site that offers Best Internet Marketing Services isn't permitted either.

How much i can earn? As I told you earlier that earnings depend upon CTR which means how many visitors click/visit Paying URL Shortener ads. Best Internet Marketing Company usually gives the Best link for Best Paid Url to freinds and Best Marketers so that they can get more traffic & better earnings.

How is Best Shortener payment? Best Paying URLS send payment via Check which takes 10-12 weeks to reach your doorstep

Click here for complete information about Best Paid URL Shrinker Payment FAQ's

Best Paying Urls generally pay $22 per every 10000 views and 20% of referral commission (when someone signup using our affiliate link). So out of 10000 views, we make 2000$ which is a good amount in some countries. A new Best Paid URLS account can also be created through their affiliates which means you will earn 100$ bonus on it. Best Paid URL Best Marketers can earn a lot by promoting Best URLS to there clients and Best Friend.

Why Best Shortener? Best Url Shrinker offers you a Best Earning Opportunity for people who have small website or blog. You know that Best Paid Urls is best way to make money online without investment, but the only requirement is your visitors should click on Best Paid Advertising so that you can receive payment from them which you won't get if no one visit Best Internet Marketing ads on your site.

Affiliate Link: Best Paid URL Shortener is one of the Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best BEST network to make money online. It's fact that only few people actually know about this amazing way of making money online because Best Url Shorteners are not promoted very well in main-stream media like Facebook, Twitter & Google etc.

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I hope you have got information/knowledge about Best Paying URL Shortener from this article "Shr


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