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John was an average guy who did average things.

He wanted to become a bartender but never did it.

He had many dreams of becoming something, of starting something, of doing something, of living somewhere…but he didn't do any of the necessary steps to acheive any one of them.

And when you don't do anything to reach your dreams they become unimportant and so eventually he quit having dreams altogether.

He lived in an average home in an average town with his wife and kids where he worked in the morning at work that required him sitting down all day moving money around with numbers on computer screens or occasionally talking with customers about their loans.

And he would go home at night to his family, but they didn't talk much because the kids went to bed early and everyone was tired from the day anyway.

The weekends were average too, if you could call them that. He'd wake up early on Saturday morning only because the sun got him out of bed, but he wouldn't do anything else until noon when his kids woke up for their weekly soccer match where they always lost every year at even match score making it a very boring match indeed. And then afterwards while walking back home together or waiting in the car while she talked with other moms on her cell phone about nothing important he'd think how boring it all had been and imagine if this was all there ever was to life.

He'd play video games with his friends or go to the movies or eat at restaurants like any other guy, but after about age 40 he never even did that anymore because all he could think of was how tediously average everything was. And this made him become very sad and then angry that nothing ever changed, that everyone was content in their daily routine, that no one had escaped into something better.

The happiest time in John's day were when his daughter would call her daddy on some evenings to tell him about how good she had done on some school assignment while proudly looking down on it from her desk beside her mommy or listening to stories some teacher told the class while still holding onto daddy's hand during reading time. This made him forget about everything else for a while and he'd talk to her with his heart while holding the phone tight enough to make his fingers hurt.

But otherwise the days were just filled with eating and sleeping and working and driving back and forth, day after day: average. Day after day: average. Day after day: average…

One night when John was in bed he heard a strange noise coming from outside, but thought nothing of it because there were many sounds at night coming from many places, so he ignored it until thinking he should check what it was because if someone was trying to break into his house or something then maybe he should go out there but also realized that this would be really stupid because anyone could be waiting behind one of the trees or lying on the ground looking up at him through the window with a knife, so he stayed in bed for awhile longer until finally deciding he would go check it out. He walked down the stairs to see that it was just some wild animal scratching at his door like they sometimes do, but then remembering he needed to check something else went back upstairs and looked out the window over towards where it came from across his lawn. And there standing by itself was an odd-looking tall white box which seemed to be moving every few seconds in one way or another without anyone around it. John stared at this litteral box of trash for awhile trying to figure it out, wondering if someone had put garbage out in front of their house instead because maybe they

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