Rebrandly # matchurl

Rebrandly # matchurl

06.Oct.2021 might be a great main  URL to have, but when it comes to share on social, that character count adds up. A short, branded URL just for link sharing, like su.jinders , still gets your business name in there and saves you room (and time) having to shorten with other apps or write it out yourself. Plus, Rebrandly features both tracking and scaling tools in their variety of packages (paid options starting from $29 monthly).

Rebrandly is a brand-friendly link management tool developed by Vodien Internet Solutions Pvt Ltd which allows marketers and content owners to build and deploy branded links through its simple UI at no cost. The service provides paid plans to users with advanced link management and analytics features.

Rebrandly's paid plans start at $29 per month and permits users to track clicks, automating the process of attributing and rewarding earned links with a unique UTM code system (in all plans). The platform allows marketers to publish these links on their own sites as well as social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Rebrandly also supports built-in A/B testing for marketers that want to test campaign variations such as "copy + image vs. just image" or "landing page variation A vs B". Content owners can also create shortlinks using customized domain names through Rebrandly's platform. Brands can use free branded shortlinks for link-building campaigns and for lead generation purposes.

Rebrandly offers visitor traffic analytics that let marketers see how many clicks their shortened links are getting, helping them to understand what content (and what type of short URL) gains the best traction among visitors. Rebrandly lets its users set up goals for their landing pages - goals such as "download", "buy now" or something else. Each goal allows the creation of a dedicated Google Analytics property which tracks conversions by tagging URLs defined in Rebrandly with custom UTM parameters. This way, marketers can track the performance of every single link they create through Rebrandly's platform. Clients can use all visitor data to optimize conversion rates by understanding user behavior around specific products, services, and content.

Rebrandly's platform provides an option called "smart URLs" which enables users to create shortlinks that automatically track the number of visits, shares and signups generated by each link. This way, marketers can gain insight into their marketing campaign performance with real-time reports that break down conversion rates for every identified user source. Rebrandly also provides a landing page creator tool which easily lets clients build professional landing pages on their own branded domain using pre-defined templates or A/B testing tools.

Rebrandly offers dedicated customer support via live chat on its website 24/7. The service also features tutorials, webinars and ebooks designed to educate new users on how to use Rebrandly's features most efficiently. Rebrandly has a ticketing system that allows its users to open tickets and receive fast responses from the company's team.

Rebrandly provides an iPhone App for iOS users featuring quick login, smart notifications, direct link previews and deep social network integrations (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest).

The basic version of Rebrandly is free with all essential features. It enables users to build real-time landing pages with Google Analytics integration, complete campaign tracking with UTM codes and A/B testing offering. The free account doesn't include automatic link shortening or subdomain management - both are premium paid features. To use custom domains through the platform it costs $4 per month while smart links cost $9 month per domain - or $0.5 per smart link.

Rebrandly is a web-based, easy to use and customizable platform for creating and managing short and relevant branded URLs (aka shortlinks). The service provides paid plans with rich analytics features for marketers that wish to scale their campaigns by attributing earned links on various user sources such as social networks, emails, SMS or landing pages.


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Summary: Rebrandly can create shortened URLs just like bitly using URL shortening, but it also has some helpful features for users who want more ways to manage where the links point. It offers a UTM code tagging system so you can track your earned links back to their original source. It also provides an A/B testing tool, so you can test links with different variables, and then use the one that gets the best results for your campaigns.


Shorten something long with Rebrandly!

What is your goal? Get more social shares? Improve prospects' email marketing ROI? Improve SEO rankings?

So many choices... But how to find which is the best way to accomplish all this?

Rebrandly will help users shorten any URL into a minimal form which represents their business or brand better. This way it becomes easier not only to remember short URLs but also to automatically track all conversions back to its original source in order to optimize future strategies accordingly. For example, if someone clicks on the link on, Rebrandly would know that the traffic was generated by this particular source, so any conversion (like form submissions) would be credited to it.

Rebrandly's users can track statistics for each smart link created through their platform. This way, marketers can easily understand which links provide conversions and what sources are most beneficial to their campaign—increasing marketing ROI with minimal effort.

What about tracking?

Every click helps marketers better understand audience behavior and make data-driven decisions. Rebrandly offers a URL shortening service combined with rich analytics features giving every user the power to gain crucial insights for their campaigns. What you will get out of this is an automatic UTM parameter tagging system which enables users to track earned links with ease.

With Rebrandly you can:

- Create and manage your branded shortlinks: Highlight your brand and easily access your most important online assets (webpages, social networks, etc.) by creating shortlinks that you can share anywhere;

- Customize your shortened URLs: Add customization options such as custom domains or deep-linking to create the perfect link for each use case;

- Track how people interact with your shortened URLs…

It's time for some new strategies! Get Rebrandly now!

This is a good way to generate short links and simultaneously track which social media platform your visitors came from.

Rebrandly's Features:

- Customize your shortened URLs: Add customization options such as custom domains or deep-linking to create the perfect link for each use case;

- Track how people interact with your shortened URLs: Rebrandly shows you when and where users are clicking, and the number of visits and conversions generated by each link;

- With UTM Support : Users can add any URL parameter (for example utm_source) to their links in order to track all conversions originating from different campaigns. This allows marketers to adapt later on based on the initial results;

- Integrate landing pages with your short URLs: Create conversion-centered campaigns by adding a landing page to any of your links;

- Share branded links on social media: With Rebrandly, you can shorten any link and quickly post it to Facebook or Twitter with one click;

- Share branded links on email: Email clients like Gmail usually shorten any URL pasted into the message body. Get more clicks by sharing highly sharable branded links instead of lengthy ones;

- Track how users interact with your links anywhere (website or app) : Smartlinks work across all environments (web, mobile apps) and include an automatic tracking code that doesn't slow down your site;

- Analytics available for each shortened URL: Easily track earned traffic back to your branded short links as well as all the clicks and interactions (including social shares) they generate;

- And more…

Rebrandly is a URL shortening platform that allows you to create branded URLs with ease. It includes an array of tools to track your audience's behavior, customize your shortened URLs, and integrate landing pages. This solution also includes several interactive features like social sharing buttons that can help boost traffic. Rebrandly offers five pricing tiers beginning at $29/month with increasing levels of functionality included in each plan. The higher end plans include an ad campaign feature. All plans use PayPal for payment processing within the application itself.

Shorten any URL into a minimal form which represents your brand better & attract more visitors starting

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