– A URL shortener that puts your branding first – A URL shortener that puts your branding first

14.Oct.2021 has developed a unique URL shortening service that provides value to both publishers and readers through branding benefits and additional analytics.

Is this something your brand is interested in? Read on to find out more.

What Is is a URL shortening service by design; it's the same thing as Bitly or, but with custom branded URLs and additional publisher benefits. What separates them from the rest of the competition:

Branded URLs: Shorten your links with your own domain name, e.g., www .mysite .com/short-link User analytics: Show referred traffic from popular social sites, such as Twitter Analytics Promotions: Easily add promotions to your shortened links to direct readers towards your latests offers

When a publisher shortens a link using, the result is a 3–5 character branded URL – e.g., www .mysite .com/m – which looks much better than a jumble of characters and provides additional user information about where a reader comes from and what they do after clicking through.

Our Path To Finding

We found out about because we were approached by their marketing team to see if we wanted to create a piece for them on our blog. We've been using Bitly for years now, so it was interesting to me that there could be another option available with different benefits – I love trying new tools .

What's Our Opinion?

We decided to publish the article they sent us because we found it interesting and felt that many of our readers would find it beneficial. As I said, we've been using Bitly for a while now and haven't had any problems with them so far. The branding benefits in were new, however, and could be very appealing to some publishers .

If you're looking for a URL shortening service and care about branding options and user analytics: is definitely worth checking out!

Title: Unveils New URL-Shortening Service


Date : 01 / 04 / 2014

Summary: After a successful beta period, this new service is now available to the public with three different plans – Basic, Pro, and Custom – that allow you to have total control over your shortened links . From what we've heard from their marketing department, they also reach out to potential customers before releasing a new product so they can get a feel for the market's needs and wants – it's always good to see a company take time before launch rather than just pushing something new out there.

What's Our Opinion?

We're excited about the future of because it could draw attention back to Bitly or, since they are established tools that have been around for years . It will be interesting to see how this new service affects their bottom lines and whether people decide to use one over the other based on pricing, branding benefits, customization options , etc.

If you're looking for a URL shortening service and need additional analytics: Check out!


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