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In today’s day and age, the power of the internet is immense when it comes to monetization.  Millions, even billions can be spent for digital ads online in a blink of an eye. However, despite this high level of spending, many companies are still reporting losses due to ad fraud and bot traffic.  There is no denying that there needs to be a solution that will help reduce these loses without compromising the relationship between the advertiser and consumer (user).  With this data of knowledge and understanding of what is wrong with current marketing practices we sought out to create a system that would allow people all over the world to engage in advertisement while not ignoring potential fraudulent activities on both sides of the spectrum; consumers and advertisers. is the solution to this issue.  We are creating a platform that would not only incentivize users with shorte credits for shortening their links, but also allow them to monetize on advertisements during their shortened sessions while engaging in highly secured advertisement practices.  Our goal is to create an open market where consumers can take full control of what they want to see or not see using our system while protecting them from any malicious activity done by either side (advertisers & bots).

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This web page is not an endorsement of this ICO. This web page is not an advertisement. I am simply trying to make sense of what the team are doing and why they think its necessary for them to launch their own token, called "Shorte" (SHRT). All information here comes from their whitepaper which you can access on their website at and has not been reviewed by a third party for accuracy or otherwise. If I make any factual errors, please let me know in the comment section and I will correct it as soon as possible.

Shorte is an Ethereum based token.  You can buy them now on EtherDelta at .The company that created Shorte was founded in 2016 and they state on their website that they have over 100 million users already which includes those who use their services via apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Vine and so forth. They also state that if you shorten links using sites like Bitly then chances are you have already used their platform without realizing it. They use the following definition of what a URL shortener is from Wikipedia: "A URL shortener or link shortener is a web service that provides shorter URLs for posting on blogs, forums, social media, and elsewhere on the Internet."

Shorte reduces this down to two main points: 1) they allow you to post links online through apps which would otherwise be impossible due to strict character limit restrictions imposed by these services and 2) they help create a global marketplace where advertisers can go buy advertisements. Shorte calls this a revolutionary model as well as describing themselves as an internet currency with its own economy built around it which encourages users all over the world to participate in their advertising system to generate income. In order to participate in their advertising system, you will need to use SHRTs.

They also state that they have a patent pending technology which allows them to process millions of requests per second with 100% uptime and secure advertisement buys. One type of advertisement buy is called a "Pulse" where its an automatic process that goes through many URL shorteners and finds the best price for a targeted audience or specific timeframe. This sounds very similar to how Google Adwords works (right?).

Their website also claims that Shorte has already completed integration with Twitter direct messages (DM) along with other social media networks but I was not able find mention of this on any of these social media sites nor can I find any screenshots or evidence online of this being the case.

According to CoinMarketCap, their total circulating supply of tokens is 10,000,000 with a market capitalization of $311,723 USD at the time of writing. The most traded pair on EtherDelta is SHRT/ETH. I am not sure what exchange will launch SHRT next but I have seen rumors that they are in talks with Binance about it so fingers crossed there! As for Shorte's main competitors, I think URL shorterners such as Rebrandly and Bitly could be considered competitors although neither utilize blockchain technology or cryptocurrency like Shorte does (Bitly used to but according to this article , it doesn't anymore). With regards to Bitly specifically, I found out that they actually own a patent on link shortener technology where they state that:

"A system and method for producing shortened uniform resource locators (URLs) is presented. A URL having a plurality of characters is received and stored in a memory. The stored URL is compared to stored patterns for known good character strings. If the stored URL matches one of the stored patterns, then the stored string which matched the pattern has its last character removed from the string. This modified string is concatenated with other modified strings to form an interim URL."

For thoe who are not familiar with what thne term "patent pending" means, it basically just means that Shorte has filed for this patent at least once within their countries patent office. In order to obtain a patent from the USPTO, you have to describe your invention in full detail and prove that it is unique from existing technology at the time of filing for your application. If granted a patent, this will allow you legal rights so others can not copy or misuse your idea without consequence. Of course, patents do expire after a certain amount of time so other people could try to manufacture thne same idea while said patent is still active but hopefully by then Shorte would have already built up an army of loyal users flocking to their platform.

Shorte also has several different documents on their website such as financials, roadmaps and business plans which provide further details around how they plan to operate within thne industry. I personally didn't bother reading through all their documentation since it wasn't really relevant to me but if you are interested in checking them out, please visit thneir website .

I found this article on Coindesk which also had some additional insights into the company. To summarize it, they basically state that Shorte is "playing nice" by following best practices set forth by ICANN (International Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers) where they adhere to guidelines such as disclosure of who owns a website's domain name which can be beneficial when trying to avoid issues with spammers or scams. It also discusses thne relationship between Shorte and its parent company Link-Media Group AB (the Swedish company that owns Shorte). Apparently there have been two rounds of funding thus far with the first one raising $3 million from over 200 angel investors from around the world. This is interesting to note since a lot of people often forget about thne value thne actual technology has and instead focus on thne riskier aspect which is investing in cryptocurrencies. Sometimes I feel like people take for granted how much time, money and effort companies spend to create working products that can be utilized for various purposes! Especially with thne growing amount of ICOs (initial coin offerings) out there which do not even have an actual product or website yet ask people to invest in their project....

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