Shortened URLs count as backlinks and improve your SEO.#matchurl

Shortened URLs count as backlinks and improve your SEO.#matchurl


It is true that Google only counts the initial link as a backlink. That means if someone posts your shortened URL on social media or his own website, it won't have any ranking benefits.


However, you can still create an impact by following this method of sharing links on Twitter and Facebook. To make your link look more trustworthy, use a service like Bitly to shorten it. As you are sharing the link on social media, don't forget to add your own comments or opinion about the content so that people know what they are clicking on.


This way, you are creating a backlink for yourself in people's minds without having any negative effect on your rankings. This is because Google doesn't count short links as bad links that would be manually banned by webmasters.


Shortened URLs also have an advantage when it comes to retweets and shares because there is no need for another person to rewrite the link in his/her tweet. All he has to do is just post the shortened URL which will lead users to whatever site want them to see. That will make Twitter users more likely to use your URLs compared to those of other sites.


When you share the shortened link on social media, it is also advisable that you add an image and a link back to your site. This strategy will help increase traffic by 40% and improve conversion rate as well. More importantly, this method helps people find your website even if they miss the first part of URL or if they accidentally delete it from their tweet or post.


By using only 5-7 words in the image description, you can include all important keywords so that Google bots can discover your contents as well. This makes sure that those who click on the images go straight to pages where those keywords are already optimized for better visibility and ranking results.


Bitly also offers additional features, such as stats about how many people clicked on the URL and where they are located. This feature comes in handy when you want to get more traffic from different sources.


If you want a tool that is easier to use and offers even more options, check out Tweetbot app for Twitter. It allows you to schedule your tweets and add images in a much better way than using the web interface of Twitter or any other social media site. The best part about it is its ability to shorten long URLs with ease when compared to Bitly service.


The original article I translated from was written in August 2012 , but only recently I decided to add this update because of the new Google guideline which was released in November 2012 .

Basically , it is no longer recommended to use shortened links containing keyword-rich anchor texts, but rather just plain vanilla URL. So if you are using any service similar to or its alternatives for creating shortened links , then be sure to read this article that I wrote about this recent change .

Title: New Google SEO Guidelines state not to use keyword-rich anchor text on short URLs

Final Verdict: If you want to include some sort of backlink in your tweet or post, whether Facebook or Twitter, go with a tool like Bitly . It also provides stats so you can better understand how people interact with your content on social media. Using this data, you can improve your strategies to gain more traffic.

However, if you are looking for a better way to share URLs on Twitter without having to shorten it manually each time , then Tweetbot for Twitter is the right tool . It provides many ways to write engaging tweets with easy-to-use picture preview feature.




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