Short URLs allow you to get the most out of character limits on social media # matchurl

Short URLs allow you to get the most out of character limits on social media # matchurl


Twitter has a strict character limit of 280, so keeping posts concise is key. Shortened URLs give you that much more room for that poignant observation about politics, or the perfect punctuating emoji for your killer joke about hot dogs.

URL shorteners are useful because they reduce a lengthy URL into a simpler and shorter version of the same link. For example =

Shortened URLs from or another shortener allow you to fit more information into one post, and leave room for media. In addition, shortened links can be shared easily on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest because they automatically expand when clicked to reveal the destination of the link in a new browser window.

The above article provides a lot of background information about why people use Bitly links and how they can be shared on different social media platforms. There is a lot of information that could be officially cited, but not a lot of originality in the article itself. It almost seems as though this article was written to serve as a template for future articles about URL shorteners or social media use.

In this example, there are grammatical errors with the use of commas and capitalization, as well as an overuse of passive voice (the link shortener does) . In addition, it lacks the depth necessary to make it truly meaningful and impactful. The background e xtra information might have been better suited to provide further context for the subject instead of being used as filler material. If anything , it makes me question whether the author actually knows why people are using these link s, or just that they are.

When compared to the first example , this article doesn't provide very much information but it does have more of a hook. The title is more inviting and makes me curious about what I will find if I continue reading . The first sentence is attention grabbing, but the rest of the paragraph doesn't really go anywhere or introduce any new ideas. A nd since there isn't enough room for anything significant in t he first paragraph, following paragraphs simply repeat things that were already stated without adding anything meaningful.   

What's missing from this article? What can be added or changed to make it useful? Maybe some background on how URL shorteners work would be useful, and not just how they can be used on social media platforms. Also, information about why URL shorteners are useful would help to provide some context and give the article more of a point. Finally, this article lacks depth and substance that could elevate it from being just an introduction to an indepth look at the subject.

The Story:   Bitly is one of many link shorteners available on the web . While it's primarily used by websites , Twitter posts often have shortened URLs in them as well . This is because Twitter has a strict character limit, so having shorter links helps you fit more into one post without compromising quality or variety of media . As opposed to other sites where users paste long URLs into text boxes, bit ly allows you to create short links that are automatically expanded when clicked . This makes it easier to share longer links on social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

What's missing from this article? What can be added or changed to make it useful? This article provides the most information out of the three examples but is still relatively superficial. It could benefit from being broken down into smaller paragraphs so that each section has a purpose instead of just summarizing if for you. Also, the last sentence needs ex tension in order to provide some context for why these shortened links are important within their respective social media platforms.


Why is this useful?

The answer to this question can be tailored towards whatever platform or media that you are writing about. For example, if you were writing about using link shorteners on Instagram, then your answer would be something like  "Shortened links allow you to get the most out of character limits on Instagram because Instagram's captions only allow for up to 2200 characters."  Or if you were writing about shortened URLs on Pinterest, it might read "Shortened URLs are important on Pinterest because they don't have character limits."

URL shorteners make sharing information more accessible by condensing long URLs into shorter ones. This leaves room for consumers to include more content in their posts without sacrificing quality

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