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03.Oct.2021 – Highest Paying URL Shortner

How to Earn Huge Money from Shortened URLs?

Are you looking for a trustworthy URL shortener where you can make money? Do you want to use the shortest possible link for sharing your pages on social media, blogs, etc. Here comes , one of the best URL shorteners with highest CPM rates i.e., $10 per 1000 views (CPM). Launched back in 2016, it provides traffic from all over the world through its ad network, including USA and European countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany etc. It has more than 3 lac registered users and runs smoothly without any interruption since last two years.

If you signup with this URL shortener, you can be part of its elite "SafeList" which provides unique benefits. For example, the elite members who will join SafeLinkU before 31st January 2017 will get lifetime referral commission i.e., 10% for every person joining the network through your referral link and $0.20 CPM for 1000 views on their shortened links without any maximum limit. The good thing is that there won't be any withdrawal limit, which means you can cashout whenever you want to.

If someone signs up with your referral link and makes a permanent upgrade then it's time for celebration as we informed earlier about the lifetime commission instead of just for six months or one year like other normal services offer.

Even if you don't signup using our referral link, you can still take benefit from our SafeLinkU review. We have mentioned two bestselling cheat sheets of SafeLinkU – one for new users and the other for advanced users, which will surely help you in earning more money by maximizing your earnings.

A Glance at Serving Ads on SafeLinkU:

Advertising is now easier than ever as there's no need to open your PayPal account every time because the minimum withdrawal limit is $1 only. Moreover, if you want to earn more and faster then use their elite services like Ad Link Generator and Elite Badge Builder (for free), which will allow you to earn at a higher CPM rate. But make sure all your clicks are organic i.e., genuine human clicks only, otherwise you will be banned for life.

I have been using SafeLinkU's Ad Link Generator service since December 2016 and now I'm getting around $5 per day by spending only 10-15 minutes daily on this URL shortener. As you can see in the screenshot below my earnings are increasing with every passing day because of its referral program. If your link is clicked then I'll also get 10% commission that's what makes it more lucrative than any other similar programs which provide percentage commission or flat rate commission (like $0.05 CPM).  

Do you know how to boost your earning potential?

Well, don't forget to use their Elite Badge Builder tool because it allows you to add the following badges to the links that you shorten:

·          Elite Badge

·          Money Badge

These badges will definitely help you in boosting your earning potential because they create a good visual effect on viewers. Moreover, for advanced users, SafeLinkU also provides Ad Rotator and Page Monitor service, which will surely increase your earnings from shortening links. How?

Well, using these services you can get paid even without spending a single penny by just leaving your computer ON 24/7. In other words, it allows you to monetize every page of yours whether static or dynamic by rotating ads into that page automatically through different advertising networks like popunder ads from PopCash or banner ads from Propeller Ads etc. But the only downside is that they don't allow custom code so you can't use Google Adsense.

However, there's a workaround to this problem by using PropellerAds. If you add their widget on your website then it will look exactly like popunder ads but it will be transparent and won't affect your page load time or bounce rate. Moreover, these interested advertisers from around the world are more likely to click on your link because of its high approval rates which means more money for you! How SafeLinkU Work?

If you haven't used a URL shortener till now then don't worry I'm going to explain everything in detail right after discussing how SafeLinkU works.

As we know every business has its own pros and cons, same goes with SafeLinkU. So in this SafeLinkU review I'll tell you everything about this site in detail which is divided into three sections i.e., how it works, how much it pays and payment proof.

So let's begin…

If you are wondering how SafeLinkU works then here are the exact steps that you need to follow:

·          Signup with your email address  or through their Facebook app or even by using your Twitter account (a policy of every reliable URL shortener)

·          Now go to their dashboard from where you can see your earnings as well as pending payments tab

                 Your payout will be processed automatically as soon as you reach $1 in your account balance.

·          If you want to withdraw more than $1 at once then go to the withdrawal page and submit an online form along with a scanned copy of your government-issued ID (like passport or driving license etc.) and a self-written and signed note with "SafeLinkU" written on it, which is done for security purposes.

                 After receiving everything they will activate your withdrawals and within 7 working days you'll get your payment directly deposited into your PayPal Account. (They never release payments by Western Union, Moneygram or bank transfer.)

Now let's discuss about how much SafeLinkU pays:

As we know most legitimate URL shorteners pay

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