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For publishers who are looking to monetize their online content, SafeLinkU is one of the highest paying URL shortner on CPC basis. On an average, publishers generate more than $0.30 cents per click for every link they shorten on this platform. This URL shortening service accepts almost all kinds of sites except adult or pornographic ones.

SafeLinkU offers you a wide variety of advertising formats to advertise your products which include banners, text links and multimedia ads along with features like geo-targeting option for targeting specific countries only via country code top level domain name (ccTLD) advertisers can easily target users from particular geographical region by using ccTLDs. Mobile advertisement format for mobile web traffic is also available here which includes banner ads, text links and multimedia ads for mobile web traffic.

Advertisers can pay for their ad campaigns using almost all the leading online payment methods like PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard and ACH direct debit from your bank account which is one of the most popular and preferred modes of payment in United States. You can also select advertisers you want to work with so that you receive bids only from those advertisers when they use geo-targeting option to bid on your country specific ccTLD website traffic.

Publishers can also track their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats using real-time reporting feature for seeing how many visitors visited their site on which geo location along with access to detailed reports of clicks, bids, account earnings.

You can start working with SafeLinkU URL shortening service by registering yourself as publisher on this platform. You can create your own website traffic monetized links or you can get them created from another publisher on the same service which is one of the best features provided by SafeLinkU advertising network.

Note: Please note that registrations are currently open so you will be able to signup very soon but the problem is registrations are not open for everyone. Only few people are allowed to register on this URL shortner due to the reason that there are only 20,000 URLs available on this advertising platform. Only those publishers who have got approval from admins are allowed to publish their links on SafeLinkU advertising network. This is done to maintain quality of service and to ensure that publisher's enjoy a good visitor traffic for all their links which ultimately results in better revenue generation.

As mentioned above, you will not be able to signup as publisher directly without an approval link but if you manage to find an approved member who can invite you as publisher then you will be able to start publishing your links immediately however keep in mind chances of getting approved are very slim due to limited number of spots available for new publishers.

So what you waiting for? If you don't want to miss out on these beautiful earnings then get in touch with some approved publisher right away and ask them for invitation link.

Happy earnings!



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