SmartURL # matchurl

SmartURL # matchurl


The modern web is multilingual, with people across the world accessing information about your company. With many websites operating in multiple languages, it's important for marketers to consider international opportunities when developing their digital marketing strategy.

To help you find out where customers are coming from and how they're engaging with your site or mobile app, take a look at our free tool that creates custom URLs that redirect by country and device type. The smartURL tool allows you to create a short link that redirects by country and device type, creating an exact match between your audience and potential traffic source.

    1. Create Your Short Link

     - First, go to enter your URL (or click on any smartURL link)

     - Next, type your custom URL (for example: )

     - You can also enter a brief description of the context behind your link (optional)

     - Click "Generate" to create the url

2. Track Your Campaigns With Analytics

    SmartURL redirects by country and device IP address. These links are valuable to track traffic sources, conversions, geo specific targeting, and so much more. The smartURL tool provides you with valuable insight into your online marketing efforts with analytics included in your individual short URLs. This is based on industry standard Google Analytics features. All analytics are tracked via anonymized referrer data .

3. Create An Alert For Your URL

     With this free tool you can create an alert for your short link. As a result, the system will send you a text message whenever someone tries to access a specific smartURL link. You will instantly be notified about what people are looking for and where they're coming from while seeing critical information on their location and device type. To set up your new alert, simply follow these steps:

     - Type in your custom URL or click on any of our smartURL links

     - Click on "Add Alert" -> Select country/device from the drop down menu -> Save changes -> Done!

4. SmartURL Shortens URLs By Country And Device Type

    Our short URLs make it possible to attach geographical data to online marketing efforts, allowing you to measure certain analytics. This will allow for better conversion tracking which makes it easier to produce more relevant content and establish a stronger global presence from day one. Here's how our smartURL link shortener works:

     - When someone clicks on your custom smartURL link, they are redirected by country and device type

     - From there, the user's data is anonymised before being passed onto Google Analytics

     - This process enables you to see where your traffic comes from and what device people use when visiting your website or app Read More...

Background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: SmartURL is a tool that allows you to create a short link that redirects by country and device. This free URL shortener overrides the default UL and redirects the visitor to a country-specific destination. It establishes your custom alias and adds a brief description of the context.

You can read more about this free link building tool on our blog or via Twitter @smarturl_io .

To create your own smartURL go to create-smarturl . The smartURL tool allows you to choose where Google Analytics data is sent by using anonymised referrer data for geo specific targeting, better conversion tracking, improved user engagement, track activities in real time, etc. For additional information please visit our blog.

Posted on March 09 2016 By Nastya Yakusheva

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