RocketLink – Best URL Shortener

RocketLink – Best URL Shortener


Do you want to share your content with the world? Do you want people to see it, read it and click on it? Of course! Then short URLs are for you. Short URLs can be used in social media posts, article marketing, PPC clicks, banner ads, etc. They are perfect for sharing across different channels.

Shortening is not something new; however there is a difference between old school URL shorteners and modern ones like RocketLink that offer powerful features allowing marketers to take their campaigns to the next level.

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See how url shorteners work 

Shorten your links using the following tools:

Custom Domains

Pixels and Tracking 

CTA Buttons and Redirects

RocketLink Features, Defined

URL Shortening – This is the basic function of a URL shortening service. You may also use custom domains with RocketLink to make all your links look professional and trustworthy. Customize buttons and CTA texts as well! Tracking – To understand user behavior and improve sales conversion rates you must implement tracking on your website. Implementing pixels , either from RocketLink or Google Analytics , will allow you to track ROI of your campaigns . CTAs – Call to action buttons are very important for conversions because they invite users to take action. They come in different colors and shapes, you can also link them to the landing pages of your choice! Retargeting – You know how powerful retargeting is but do you really want to waste time manually promoting ads on facebook/twitter/linkedin all day long? Instead, set up retargeting campaigns with RocketLink to target previous visitors of your posts and products !


How To Use URL Shorteners Like RocketLink 

Shorten URLs using custom domains 

To make a successful campaign you need short, easy to remember urls that look trustworthy and bring results. Customizing your domains allows you to achieve exactly that. Specify a domain (or several) for each campaign linked with specific keywords or phrases and customize the url to make it look professional and trustworthy. Track your success with pixel tracking, CTA buttons and redirects .

Shorten URLs when sharing content 

We all know that sometimes you just want to share a link on twitter or facebook without getting into trouble for using a long one. Make your life easier by shortening any kind of URL! Add a custom domain if you have one or use RocketLinks shortener. Set up tracking to get valuable data about visitor behavior and conversions.

Create links pointing back to your site 

Redirecting is another useful feature of url shorteners like RocketLink . You can set up automatic redirects from external sites back to yours so users who find you somewhere other than your website will have an option to return. You can create easy to remember, branded urls with redirects , so users will not have problems using your links.

Don't let long URLs take up space on your hard drive! 

Long, unorganized urls are used every day by us marketers but they are a thing of the past. Use short, readable custom domains that are set up to point at the right place . Create redirects if you don't have a website yet and make sure no one misses out on any conversions because of messy links! Keep things organized and streamlined for improved campaign performance !

Catchy Headlines And Compelling Content Are Great But...

The truth is - all efforts should be put into optimization after writing content. Seo and social media optimization come after you've published your article or when you're adding a link to it. So why not do the hard work when writing with "link shorteners like RocketLink"?

Use call to action buttons in your content 

RocketLink lets you create CTA buttons and include them in your posts. You can choose several colors and shapes before customizing their texts for better user experience . Customize the offers with specific landing pages for each button! Track conversion rates and ROI through pixel tracking !

Post engaging, valuable content with ease 

Writing engaging content is one of the hardest tasks marketers face on a day to day basis. Imagine how much time would go into that if they had to keep eye on every single pixel and keep track of all their urls! You can leave that to RocketLink - our url shortener will shorten your links for you, without breaking a sweat. Create custom domains, use redirects , create CTA buttons , use pixel tracking – the possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Implement all these benefits with a click on a button! No need for complicated setups or slow integrations – we got you covered! Get started with RocketLink today and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below . 

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